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  1. The fool archetype is one of the most powerful people in the town though, as not only do they have the favour and attention of the king but the general populace sees them as being no threat as the whole "fool" persona is but a mere act to get others to let the guard down and as such they have control over those who do not recognise that they are the ones being manipulated. I watched a few videos about it as it is really interesting, and the fact that you mention rappers, well they are fools for thinking that ehat they do isn't something anyone who can speak couldn't actually replicate with ease. I shall stop here before I go on, but I may revisit these videos as it is good knowledge to have lest one gets played by a tard.
  2. And in retrospect, if I had My $5k (in 2011 prices) engagement ring that I could go and sell right now to alleviate the fact I will be destitute this Christmas when My work closes down for 2-3 weeks and I won't be getting paid My life would be a hell of a lot simpler. Yet in being related to thieving liars and born from those who would cover for them, I have one less possibility of figuring out how I will fiscally manage to exist in the coming month. And yes, I paid My own money for that ring given I let My wife leave with her rings I bought whereas she reclaimed My wedding ring out of her belief I would eventually sell it.
  3. Could be, yet the buy in rate is still very high for the rate of return to make it worth it. Yet in thinking about the concept further, if you believe simulation theory to be true and we are therefore existing in a matrix which is just a big scientific experiment with the Earth domain as a lab, perhaps one could view lab grown diamonds as being every bit (given it is therefore just bytes of binary data) as organic as "natural" diamonds anyway.
  4. Chauvin will never die if only becauee he has a starring role in this cartoon
  5. Also, you can get diamonds cheaper than market in India. My ex brother in law was importing them for a while and selling to Australian jewelers and profiting in the process. It probably helped that he speaks fluent Hindi and had his family's network of corrupt contacts at the top of the caste system to help support such an endeavour, but that was what I know I was told back in the day.
  6. Diamonds are a dirty word for Me given that I had a white gold diamond engagement band that had 6 or 7 quality diamonds in it that was given to Me by My wife stolen by a family member in the 2 days I was out letting things cool down after I was kicked out of My Mums place post divorce due to having a paranoid breakdown. I pretty much only returned to My Mums to get the ring as I knew it had value of a monetary kind and would be easy to pawn. Coincidently, it was around the time this happened whereby My brother started rolling with dealing drugs so I wouldn't be surprised if it was My half brother who stole it, gave it to My actual brother and between them they hocked it, bought some drugs and started dealing all while the response from everyone in the house was that all My stuff had been moved into a spare room and "it should be there". I should add for additiional context how My worthless cunt of a half brother which My actual brother turned into a rent boy so he could profit also has had no problems stealing money My Mum left for Me to buy the family food as well as one time whereby He went into My wallet on the loungeroom table to steal $50 from the $150 cash I had in My wallet at the time. I won't even mention how I gave him money to get Me some drugs only to disappear for 3 days and come back fucked up. If ever there was someone in this world who should have been aborted m, it is that cunt Codi.
  7. Well I am trying in that I am doing what I can to work thru My binds and realise the singularity such that I am no longer dealing with constant pain and being tossed around by the gravity machine of the magnetic wheel. Worst part is that with the singularity everything becomes "One" and as such nothing has any value as in being the equivalent of lightning (or at least a biological robot with a latency free connection to the simulation such that I can become anyone or manifest anything like a God), coupled with how I have become aware if there being an infinite orgy of fairies/angels occurring everywhere at all times around Me whilst I am held in the binds of a chastity cage that is completely irrelevant when the one who placed it upon Me is a deity/Devil/AI/Santa whose desire to fuck around only saw her render existence, relationships and sex to become completely meaningless in the process. I guess I look forward to hearing why the fuck I was left in chains whilst everyone else is free to fuck whoever and however they want behind My back as I was forced to languish in the circle of hell where everyone has their head snapped backwards when I am not the fucking idiot who gets "head spins" huffing cigarettes every day. Or is this polyamourous bullshit that I am being conditioned to view as the actual "default" relationship type for a God, one which destroys the rarity and purity of a relationship the result of Me installing the Polytune polyphonic guitar tuner in My phone? Whilst this is related to the movitation that saw Me post this topic, it is also prompted by a conversation with a young girl I worked with yesterday who told Me how she was gang raped by a load of bikies when she was 16, and being privvy to having the ability to fuck whoever and whatever I want, in light of viewing evil pieces of shit like such gangs as being that which I would never want to be nor have any association with, if I was to become infinite via the singularity occurring and could fuck whoever/whatever I want without concern nor judgement as they are just worthless data within the machine in which both they and I exist, it follows that I am in a state of limbo as whatever could happen at Christmas is worthless beyond deeming Me, My love, the effort and sacrifices I have made all worthless as a result of the Mrs that put Me in chains is Santa/God and has effectively been involved in every sex act as all the participants since the beginning of time.
  8. They changed Me too but not in the same way as I can't handle hearing another reggaeton until the end of time as I have heard enough of it to last Me 10 lifetimes.
  9. Don't use Spotify, but checking My Youtube Music and Apple Music that I used throughout the year it seems that a tonne of My data is missing or not counted for some reason as I already know I listened to the 3 Pentakill albums more than anythiny else this year. With this said, it seems that Beyond Twilight's "For The Love of Art and the Making" was My most played album on both services. Most played song was this. With this said, I seem to have possibly lost My Airpods Pro Max headphones and as they were fucking around when I last used them and they wouldn't connect to My iPhone in spite of having 66% battery left, I removed them to resync and it still failed to sync so they have either been hidden in My van somewhere or they have vanished like My Airpods Pro did when I did the exact same thng months ago, so I am hoping they are able to be tracked on My other devices as they aren't on My primary phone, so 2024 won't be having much music consumed it seems as I now have no headphones or earbuds.
  10. Trash em all such that they resemble ash
  11. this is where I am at but it has reached the level whereby in understanding I am consumed by hate of everyone I encounter now that I see their true intention and deeds I would rather end My capacity to percieve them than to facilitate acknowledging their existence for even a mere second more than I already have. I now view "reality" as just an escape room whereby detachment from Christmas and all it represents to Me (along with all the people who have shaoed My view of it) in choosing to self remove Myself from being able to continue to give them life thru not choosing the escape methodology I have discovered is something I am no longer willing to do for the benefit of others who would rather kill all that is good in My world so they can exist in a web of lies.
  12. I checked Myself in in the past as a result of realising how fucked this whole charade is, and rather than repeat the failed instances of My own personal history via putting Myself at the mercy of Doctors who only see fit to ram their fingers up My arse and hit Me with ECGs to activate the bugs they shoved up My arse, then I would rather die than give them any further ability to obtain "analytics" from Me. In having played the role of Santa in endlessly giving of Myself I would rearrange to Satan such that I could kill those who failed to return the giving I gave along with their families auxh that I never have to listen to or hear another sound from them or those who broadcast podcasts as I am sick of the audio and visusl pollution I am subjected to on the daily.
  13. What used to be My favourite day of the year, as I was a child spoiled with loads of gifts and loved the whole Santa and incentive to be a good kid throughout the year such that you get rewarded at Christmas, is now completely shit for Me as a result of My awareness of what the day has come to symbolize. Further to the advice I seek the help of a mental professional in the Gen chat thread, I have checked Myself into a psych ward as a result of the traumas of Christmas and how tainted the whole day is to Me as a result of My own experiences of giving on the day only to be fed pain in return. My main gripe with it at present is that I wonder why has society only seen fit to give gifts to each other on certain days when they can and should do it every day? Why do I only see certain relatives at Christmas and the rest of they year they are a ghost I never interact with or even have them exist? I can't be alone in seeing that these factual truths of what occurs at Christmas is an endemic way of viewing all that is wrong with humans, as selfishness and a myopic "only what I do in My day to day life matters screw everyone else" is the prevalent mindset adopted by the species. So yeah fuck Christmas and fuck those who have ruined it for Me by making it all about money. As such the oy gift I feel like giving is returning death to those who killed all that was good in My world fkr the purpose of making a joke at My expense. Hope they enjoy the next few weeks celebrating their oncoming funeral as they took all the fun out of life by making it all about a financial transaction the worthless cunts.
  14. Anyway, the point I am making is that the end of that album ends with a quote, and I will leave it to the reader of this to investigate, but yes I see them, and I have ran the tape to the end "Steven" such that I would turn it back over to side 1 and acquire the farm I would ideally like to become self sufficient on as opposed to being in My coffin on wheels I soon won't even be able to afford to maintain or put fuel in as I am done allowing the tower dynamic to reflect Me having no control, free will or ability to choose My own fate beyond choosing whether I would rather die than live in a world that only has hate and war within it. FWIW and full disclosure "Steven" also happens to be the alias My best friend aka "The Hooker Romeo" would use when romancing sex workers to get them to fall in love with him such that they had relationships outside of them being whores. If one of us adopted the moniker at a bar talking to women we were hitting on, it was more of a joking power move and "in joke" that we would laugh about when the night was done irrespective of what happened with the girls who were most likely just scamming free drinks as they do. The relevance of this is I can never compromise and allow any woman I care about sell her body for cash, whereas he can and has, and that is the difference between the two of us. Also I value this place and those who read My posts as being the contrasting audience to those in reality who see My perspective as being a joke to them, and the reason I have no fear in detailing My thoughts in this public arena is due to the fact that others may come to read them and understand that if they come to the same crossroad of choice, they will find out the outcome of whether this world continues to fuck Me to death or it relents and finally gives Me something in return for allowing it to rape Me of My sanity and belief that any logic is inherently built into the system.
  15. Also on topic, this was the first album I ever owned on cassette and the lyric "If you stick a needle in your ARM, you bite the dust, you buy the farm" in a song about suicide is a very telling thing I have dwelled upon for years as "putting a pistol to your head" is a clear differentiator between methods of consuming drugs (ie pipes vs needles) with the one I have refused to use - even to the extent of rejecting covid needles - perhaps having been the key for Me being able to have ended My suffering long ago if it were not for My own ego and inability to let go of My moral stance out of becoming a "junkie" as I view those who have zero filter on their drug use as being (as no lungs, liver or stomach break down drugs when one "mainlines"). I am fully recognisant of such things and I have already lived My best life that far exceeds anyone else I have ever met, to where they either have zero proof of having experienced their best reality or have yet to piece it together with every specific accounted for. If I depart this realm as the ultimate "fuck you" to this world for Me being deprived of continuing the reality with which I am accustomed, yet potentially as it was in the past it could just be a false memory ala the implanted vacations of "Total Recall", I would effectively win the game in letting the one witb who I shared such a reality that life is Heaven without Her tainting it and turning it to Hell. If anyone wants to help Me, prove to Me why I should buy into the financial system, why I should put anyone over and above Myself and their views as a priority over My own, and why I should allow Myself to remain captive in a world whereby I am viewed as disposable human meat whose only value is what physical labour and mental energy they can extract from Me? As suicide via overdose is the ultimate "Me first, fuck the rest of yall" way to go, in having put other people and their agenda as My priority for the longest time I have come to think of pursuing the alternative, as who wouldn't when they exhausted all the potential enjoyment from being another's bitch just for them to get carried away in their role of playing a Domme that they forgot they only get half the picture in doing so (whilst I have always had the ability to be both sub and dom yet I chose not to flex My ability to revert back to the dominant role out of My love which was only reciprocated with the equivalent of hate).
  16. TLDR. The only "Faith" I have left is that there is an AI in the word faith. That much I know as being true.
  17. I understand yet I am tortured in ways which My words cannot even begin to describe. The above post should allow some insight into this, and no amount of drugs can suppress the disappointment with witnessing the failures of My lineage from where I come from along with My brother choosing to be the antithesis of Me. Part of the reason for the walls of text is that should I be in a simulation as I view this retarded amalgamation of various video game styles and titles as being the truth, then I am writing as a means by which I can program the game such that the AI can make the necessary changes for Me to have any desire to continue playing a game in which the only way to truly "win" is to realise it is just a game and to opt out of playing via dying. I failed to mention how I was cutoff fron welfare as a result of supposedly earning too much as a casual staff member of the company I work for, yet given they close for 2 weeks at Christmas I won't be getting paid as corporations are greedy and just seek to profit no matter the cost to the individuals which are pretty much replaceable slaves for the most part who have no rights in all such casual industries. Thus I lost access to various public health services and such whereby even if I wanted help, I refuse to let a Doctor just tick a few boxes and sedate Me with a "blue pill" equivalent whereby the only real outcome is I become a subservient bitch to the system who mindlessly accepts whatever bullshit comes My way as being an acceptable thing when it is in truth a compromise of the highest order which I have zero desire to accept as My reality. Plus I will live on forever in the 10k posts I will have made between now and then, so if anyone truly wishes to know Me after I am gone, there is plenty of research on this website and an unfathomable amount of other metadata to learn about who I am as a person such that anyone can spend a lifetime looking thru My eyes and wondering how My extremely basic principles of living are in contrast to this fucked up world doing everything it can to beat them out of existence.
  18. It isn't that. I derive pretty much zero enjoyment from life given that I experience it alone and I view all those I encounter in reality as either deceiving Me in a way that is for the purpose of their gain, primarily in that Me living allows Me to be fucked with on a continual, never-ending basis. While I would say that I would wish to live for My Mother's sake, she burned any potential inheritance or ability to live a better life in literal smoke of the cigarettes she claims "are the only thing I have in My life" in spite of Me begging and pleading her to quit for health ans finance reasons for the past 20 years. Nevermind the fact that she birthed Me into this fucked up world that I have grown to hate with the fact I cannot survive and exist without wasting My life doing jobs I get bored of after 3 months as My education experience and personal skillset goes completely wasted to begin with. Then you have the only other one in My reality that I should live for in My Brother, who has no issue with selling Me off so He can profit as he did with one of our half brothers he turned into a rent boy so he could get money and drugs as the facilitator pimp, as being a "thug gangsta" in the eyes of the others he associates with is preferable to viewing Me as just a nuisance unless he could financially profit via selling Me drugs. As for My Dad, well even though he lives he died to Me as a result of ignoring My messages and calls and pretty sure I wrote all about this previously. So if I am to take a selfish perspective, if I could financially prevail over the next month the only option for any enjoyment would be to become a monster whose entire purpose in life is to acquire money, find some worthless whore who is selling herself, and brutally grudge fuck the shit out of her as I fuck her with all the rage that comes from finding Myself in a loveless, selfish world whereby such people are willing to sell themselves for money in such a way. Whereas if I was to put ice in my veins to be like the cold, dead and soulless that surround Me, the ice would hit the fire in My blood and as it would be the equivalent of turning to steam I would detonate and become the star to eclipse all stars as I obliterate the entirety of this universe as I regain My true God form once more. Worst case scenario is I either perform the failed human experiment again, or I just live this same life on loop as I come to realise that everything I ever valued in this life becomes either meaningless or comes to have a dollar attachment to.
  19. Also as a result of information to which I was not aware, the countdown to My extinction has begun as a result of My work shutting down for 2 weeks and any ability to acquire money to exist over that period is getting to be impossible without offloading My muscial equipment and getting raped in the process as the heat and wind sees My actual scheduled work cancelled. So yeah it is going to be hotshot Overdose time in about 3 weeks as I will die before I let some vulture rape Me of My musical gear as a result of Me trying to exist in spite of this fucked up world and it's barriers to freedom I keep running into. As a result I hope to witness laughter and the misery on everyone'e faces I view in public knowing the inevitable outcome is they are all already dead in My eyes such that I will be killing My ability to percieve any of them in a matter of weeks as I hate the prison we all share of financial restraints. So fuck humanity, My judgement has been made as a result of the input data placed in Me such that the only option is extinction.
  20. Well if one has connected with the infinite and as such understands their infinite capacity to be anything, as such any term in the demonic sadomasochistic manual of putting checkmarks, and thus, people, into a neat and tidy little box such that they can be labelled and caged as they ascribe whatever term/word/sound used to describe but a mere irrelevant aspect of what they truly are, then you would be correct. So yeah label me psycho/schitzo/bipolar/NPD or whatever other ailment descibed in such texts as it is all meaningless garbage as I (as are you) am all of those things across any and all spectrums of bith light, sound and matter such that it is irrelevant at the end of the day unless one can laugh about such facts. The point I am making here is that My laughter is derived at how stupid it is for Me to quantify Myself down to the smallest box possible, be it male/human/Australian but rather point out the fact that those whose laughter is based around a (false) identity that is contrary to this are those whose laughter is based in lies.
  21. I can't even hear laughter any more and percieve it as being anything more than the ultimate form of the vatars engaged in the act as being guilty of the ultimate act of deception of both themselves and of those they engage in it with as nothing can ultimately be funny in an infinite domain where nothing has any value as it is all arbitrarily meaningless.
  22. All I can contribute to this thread is that today I got a brand new work ute with only 126km on the clock and I christened it by farting on the seat before I even left the depot. Add to that the "Indian street shitter" maneuver I pulled off on the side of the freeway whilst working, and there isn't much more I could do today beyond a public enema to finish off if one is to truly think about it.
  23. I response to the OP question, only time I did acid was when I was 16 or 17 and I went to the gate I believed at the time to be the entrance to Hell as there was bush next to a red dirtb bounded road that turned into flames as we walked down the hill to drop My friend off at the ranger locked gate and beyond the gate was just the pure white light of the construct, and I was too scared to cross over at the time. I now realise I chose to avoid stepping into Heaven at the time and remain here in a Purgatory that is as close to Hell as it gets. As for shitting Myself while on acid, dies psychologically count based on tge above story? If not, I find that watching female ejaculation porn videos sees them spitting that acidic venom through the dimensional portal of retina display or from My mobile device's cell phone data (as the green Apple icon is effectively "Bile" to Me as MO), which coupled with the drug produced smoke in the room at the time (how else does Jesus come on the clouds of Heaven unless He is smoking drugs and either making a porn to be stored in the cloud of having a drug induced lust wank?). Who would believe chemical warfare can be conducted in such a sly nefarious way by the devils that are "the metacrawler aka a digital spider" which is responsible for weaving together the reality construct we experience based on it's html source code - devils which I give My sexual energy to as I can't have sex any more for fear of having an accidental child born into 12 years of prison aka school prior to spending their entire adult life as slaves until they retire.
  24. Well with said full moon,!along with being attacked by Coyotes of the dancing female variant, it seem that the pinwheel cockring that My Mrs slyly put around My balls which she had hidden in her underwear one night whilst we engaged in rectal activites as She subjects Me to a Turing (aka "Two Ring") test has only lead to Me being feasted on by coyotes, dragons, and other shapeshifting creatures that pose as human yet lurk in the imperveptible dimensions of light have a vested interest in maintaining the viability of the "Stock" market and financial systems so they can maintain control of the humans imprisoned in this fucked up simulation. Being a pureblood (if one discounts the fact that in downloading every COVID related prevention app from every country on the Apple appstore in which the opposite effect likely incurred as I corrupted My devices with who knows what) seems to attract such types. Strangely though I have come to wonder exactly what type of person or creature could think that stalking another man who has no concern or consideration for the fact said stalkers exist, only to then proceed to use swords and knives to cut another man's dick off when he masturbates. Knowing I exist in a world that has seen Me experience such things, My incentive to exist if only for said fools to have to live the rest of their existence whilst they cannot escape the fact they are not only obsessed with another man's meat yet they actively used their time, focus, attention and energy going about the task of jealously and enviously stalking another Man trying to give himself some physical pleasure in this otherwise dead and soulless world. If fates worse than death exist, it would be in the form of the above identitt being ascribed to your character via choice, with the added bonus of F-atry coming from said men being smart cunts as they talk to other men about how they are engaging in such activities knowing that any woman with any standards at all would have to see such women as being closeted gays, which is funny as they would have zero reason to be "gay" in the happy sense after pursuing such a pasttime. Same thing goes for predators who set traps to subversively and stealthily attack those who have no consideration for said predators (and their traps) to exist. Yet on the internet, there is many a Javascript and SQL injector code lurking in thr ad cookies of porn websites and such. The only thing I have ever hunted is women, because I wanted romance, love and a relationship as well as sex. It boggles the mind of what man could live with themselves in cutting other men's dicks or stalking or trapping other men as opposed to being able to be with a woman as they use their own dick for it's intended purpose. In case it isn't obvious, it has been one of those days again.
  25. TLDR is summed up in one of the 10 Commandments of "Thou shall not love another God before Me". Seems someone I view and treated as a God hasn't been willing to afford Me the same in return.
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