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  1. Global warming is just what crack pipe smoking politicians & scientists use as a cover to subjugate the masses with the ominous threat that we are all going to Hell, when the truth is that we are already there thanks to letting idiots run the asylum how else do they smoke their crack in their crackpipes without “warming the globe” first? Seriously.
  2. Not to brag, but I am chilling here in the Summer on a perfect, cloudless 25’C day deciding whether to watch Avatar 2 or not after doing my grocery shopping. My only experience with snow was in NYC and all so can say is only an absolute fool would appreciate the nuisance that is dealing with snow and all the salt that gets dragged everywhere. But since millions of fools exist, who am I to complain about their life choices which see them live in such climates.
  3. A childhood friend hit the juice to become a tank, but at 41 I fail to see as to why anyone would need to go down that route and screw their natural hormones, when those that hit the roofs to get bigger usually do so as they compare themselves to other men, and it has some homoerotic undertones of sticking a phallic shaped needle into you to squeeze the juice into your arms. At that point, you are probably better off just having an enema to clean your guts out so that you can lean up and look more ripped as opposed to putting chems your body to screw up your harmonic balance. couple the other side effects like roid rage, which is the byproduct of even being on the roids you are never going to be big enough to overcome the internal feelings of inferiority which provoke roid users to go down that path in the first place. Effectively I find a person who is heathy psychologically is capable of choosing to train today to be better than yesterday and is less concerned with size gains and more about internal zen than an angry, roid raging lunatic. Again I have no judgement as I’m more about individuals making their own choices, but to ignore the psychological reasons why one goes down the roid path in the first place is a glaring omission from the discourse surrounding the subject & in knowing lifelong friends and people I used to train with who have used them in the lie early 20s, I wonder what Matthew Luke O’Brien term consequences will happen to them. Also don’t forget the number of wrestlers that died prematurely due to roid abuse. Again I digress, but you know how it is….
  4. I bought my Dad Arnold’s encyclopaedia of modern bodybuilding book one Christmas and I recommend it to anyone who wants to get huge, but understand that roids are necessary if you wish to be a monster sized bodybuilder. Also on topic of sorts, I have to share this video from the funniest channel on YouTube, which I recommend to anyone who loves 80s & 90s action as I do. Also the meme this channel has reminds me of the old gif threads on Ch0 back in the day, and if you watch enough of the vids you will find out why, as it refers to the greatest scene in cinema history
  5. This was the thing I was listening to, had a few good gut busting laughs at the Donald Hoffman bit due to the way my brain interpreted what he was saying as I dilated time with the NOS as the inside of my brain blew up like the manifold in Fast and Furious whilst the reverb of what was being said echoed throughout the infinite expanse of music https://youtu.be/8D3jo3Zw93c
  6. Nitrous oxide. Whippets. Oztralian slang I guess? The harmless stuff that merges one into the ether of laughter. Best done in pure darkness with some earbuds in, playing something comical. i used up the last of them listening to the 8 hour Theory of Everything livestream on YouTube, and if you are able to interpret what the smartest minds online are actually inferring with the content, then it is the funniest joke imaginable, given that trying to quantify the infinite ins not only impossible, but futile to where all one can do is laugh at those who have gone so far down whatever theological rabbit hole to apply some terminology to their belief structure was the most compelling and funniest thing ever. I had reservations about trying the stuff and took 40 years of life prior to trying them but they are epic and I recommend to try at least a packet of 20 at least once in your life.
  7. Having just been through 10 weeks of drug counseling whereby I dug up the root causes of all my shit I came to the following conclusions and I feel you on the abandonment issues. 1. I was poisoned in the womb with cigarettes and the sperm from which I won the race being afflicted with the exact same cancerous poison so I never stood a chance for the 9 months prior to entering this reality thanks to fucktarded parents. 2. My father abandoned or left the family home when I was just a toddler so I have lacked my father in my life ever since save for the times he broke up with women and came begging for someone to be in his life. 3. Having kids is the way in which one sacrifices their soul to their children. anyway my resolution is to just laugh at this corrupted fucked up reality as it further descends into madness, as I suck on some nangs and hopefully dissipate into the infinite darkness of boringness. Beyond that, I just finished my final Double Quarter Pounder from Maccas as I ate the final meat burger as I am no longer going to cannibalise my Taurean self by eating meat.
  8. But with all this said, glad to hear that everyone’s favourite Asian forumite is doing well.
  9. Can’t believe a forum of vandals (or those with a casual interest in the artistic merit of such - like myself) fear the rebranded fly they call Covid so much so that you all got vaxxed. They had a “flu that kills” since I’ve been on this planet called pneumonia, and this latest rebrand was just a scare tactic to see how easily the general population can be coerced into taking the zombie vax With this said, I caught it early in the year and it was just like a harsh flu that lasted a couple weeks.
  10. Progressive metal mainly. should have added Liquid Tension Experiment as it was probably the most listened to artist of all for my past year but it falls under the Dream Theater banner anyway. Could also have added the band Beyond Twilight to the list as well given I listen to them a lot despite there only being three albums, but they are all killer with “For The Love of Art and the Making” perhaps the most unique and ambitious album of all time as it is different every time one listened to it on random https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/For_the_Love_of_Art_and_the_Making?wprov=sfti1
  11. Sadly I don’t use Spotify, but between my former Apple Music and YouTube music subscriptions I would say it’s a mix of the following Ayreon/Star One/Arjen Lucassen Dream Theater Devin Townsend Jorn Lande everything else I listen to (Genius a Rock Opera parts 1-3)
  12. Happy belated birthday Tranz4mations hope you had a good one and by the looks of your pics looks as though you did and got spoiled too.
  13. Just had a favourable day in court, and now headed towards a new day
  14. Additionally, I’m so glad that my sheltered mind from the time prior to having left my country to see the world is still archived here so i can reference my takes and see how I’m matured to the degrees i have as an individual in that my takes in some instances have changed yet in my moral stances in relation to love specifically (and how one needs to love as they wish to be loved in the most selfless manner possible prior to becoming a parent) have not and never will change. But I’m still every bit the antagonist in regards to triggering those whose selfishness is responsible for the distortions within society as a couple other threads i made recently May have iterated. Yet given that I’m now beyond fearing judgement from my fellow man given God/the Developer is more than aware of the fact that I have not only given the love I wish to be given, but I have literally been crucified and been to Hell and back in the process. And thanks to the wonders of modern technology, now if I was to have kids, I can sit them down and pull up videos showing them exactly what drugs lead one to experience due to not only the Team Alco thread I created with it’s many deceased before their time participants (RIP to those guys) but I can show them the video proof of me cooked after being up for 5 to 10 days baked on all sorts of drugs, which whilst I’m perfectly sober now (and would be for my child’s life prior to conception up to the stage of the “drug talk” which needs to be had around 10 to 12) I could show them from experience why they should never do drugs as I can show them the foolish, gnashing teeth monster I was when I was pumped full of amphetamines, weed and whatever else. the fact I can do such a thing, and have got the need, want and desire to selfishly experience such things in my own life without having any burden of responsibility to a child, leaves me believing that any prospective parent should also be required to have video evidence of any experience if they have ever used drugs prior to having kids. in todays technology dominated society, there is no longer any excuses as to why a parent shouldn’t go on tumble and show their kids actual junkies get fucked up from shooting up drugs or girls end up selling themselves for drugs as there is plenty of blogs on their which illustrate the lines I will never cross because I can teach kids the difference between a drug user like missing and those who get used by drugs simply. not to mention i can get a school friend who is 4 days older than me yet has only a couple teeth left due to his junkie ways as a further disincentive to any kids as to the effects of drugs. anyway this post was a bit of a on topic segue with an introspective slant yet I hope that it can help future prospective parents learn to disseminate all selfish desires and habits prior to the insemination process leading to a pregnancy otherwise this world is going to continue to spiral into a further devolving Hellscape.
  15. Thank you for the appreciation. I know my tales and takes are no always congruent with everyone on here but I miss the simpler times of the internet when forums like this, and the community that made them, gave me a place to find others whose stories I could read and learn from whilst I was able to leave myself nuggets like this thread I can’t even remember making yet here I am nearly a decade and a half later with not only the same belief that inspired OP to an extent, but I now have double the life experiences as an adult to know that even as a 28 year old I was wise enough to understand why I refrained from having kids. Also, given the timeline from OP to now, I will hope that this thread being created ended up going into the ether of the eternal muse and inspired this song which puts the title of the thread to music in a way only achievable by a master musical genius in “Mr L.”
  16. Resurrecting this old thread of mine for some shameless self promotion of a video I think needs to be shared for all those who are thinking of or are already parents
  17. Well I have to retire from the Deathmatches as of today I think as the one “player” who begged for his life as I could have blown his head off with a shotgun blast at point blank range yet I spared I ended today with a stolen one liner from Commando before I chopped his head clean off and sped off laughing as “The One” who can end them all but would rather let the dogs eat each other like the pathetic loveless maggots that they truly are. the line I had to use was “remember when I said I wouldn’t kill you? I lied” (slightly adlibbed I know but when I sped off saying that “no amount of money can buy that backstabbers soul back as you are completely dead inside” was like the nail in the coffin as I return to my place as “Yagan” with my head back in one piece.
  18. Helps if I upload the image of said back monitor holder to illustrate what I’m talking about .
  19. They even gave us these back pieces to wear straight from the game. Apparently it’s supposed to measure how much we flex our backs as we lift stuff but I know it’s true purpose. Hell, there is even one old guy scooting around on the electric pallet jacks with a helmet on his head, as I go about making a fool of the idiots running the human zoo that is my work as I pick up what is akin to the “money” as in the Smash TV game and stack it on pallets for the corrupt “Killian” style game show hosts (Running Man reference) to profit from.
  20. Isn’t a “Dago” a slang term to refer to Italians?
  21. Just made a visit to the Hindu Temple and to a church. Made sure to sacrifice the drawstring to my Blade and a peg for good measure to Shiva as it was overdue.
  22. pretty much it, and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for the wife to make her happy, and I fail to see hope joining a group of other men in a clubhouse as we commit crime and ride motorcycles would make any wife happy, just as her spending her time in a club getting drugged and passed around by random bikers but YMMV. This is the internet after all and some people are not comfortable in their skin as an individual and they need to gain the acceptance of a group/club in order to establish their personal identity. Beyond being a random Channel Zero poster, I do not have such an issue in being comfortable with who I am, yet again, YMMV.
  23. Made it through another stage of SMASHTV aka work by iterating that the robots being deployed to attempt to stop me from fulfilling my destiny are completely worthless beyond serving as the parasitic butt end of a joke I am making in order to entertain myself over the infinite expanse of eternity. Imagine Alien vs Predator with me as the Predator hunting these aliens with the effective goal being that I enact the “No brown M&Ms” part of the Van Halen contract That is my current “reality” as I participate in my Theater of Dreams.
  24. You understand that the concept of “having beef” is effectively a subversive way of saying they like other men’s meat inside them right? As I said on an individual basis I have no issue with anyone, yet I despise the ideology that people seek the need to be a submissive “gang initiate” as a means via which they can forge a personal sense of identity as that notion is a paradox within itself. That is the primary point I was making along with the negative social repercussions being manifested in reality
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