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  1. I fully thought I was going to get the sick ass baby mama coin. fuckin feds swooped on that cos of some dumb ass student loan thing. Bummer
  2. Wait you’re being serious? You first.
  3. Maybe just a tongue up the butt.
  4. So help me, if some dummy ever tried to put me in my place I’d fuck his dad and leave immediately.
  5. Currently in full chill mode watching twilight zone reruns a photo of my current view
  6. Right now. I’d flick the whole bus but everyone looks fucking miserable I ain’t even gonna make it awkward
  7. Dang. i eat ass. i dunno what the hell is wrong with me, I just love eating some dude butt. skate fast eat ass. Or something
  8. Yes, I love me some good pens. Will share when I get home. on that note I have a new coworker, the first interaction with him I immediately got the feeling he was/is a cop. The way he carried himself, later he told me he used to be a Sherrif out in SF. anyways he stole my good pen. I fucking hate cops.
  9. Dude this bus looks wild uncomfortable I fully need to be able to lounge hard on my public transport adventures. I used to hate buses, but it’s pretty dope really...i can listen to music, draw or read, space out or whatever the fuck and not stress on the daily road traffic bullshit. Could be worse I suppose.
  10. I got some spider that lives outside my window, caught himself a bee some time ago. I don’t mind spiders however I’ll fuckin stomp out 99% of any other ugly looking bug.
  11. DAO Wasn’t there a whole ass “argue with DAO” thread? fuck ? swear to god the dogwhale/town/growing up with the Internet/argument bullshit still makes laugh a bunch to this day.
  12. Coffee. fuckin coffee i quit booze, coke, cigarettes no problem but it’s the damn coffee I can’t shake. i tried once, and the withdrawal had me so sluggish and gross feeling I decided to just carry on with the coffee drinking.
  13. True story somehow wing stop makes the best blue cheese ever. the wings are kinda whatever. Any other day its ranch since we’re talking about sauces tho... Franks Red Hot >>>>>>
  14. Oh god dammit I just deleted hella photos of stupid shit I encounter on my daily commute. I had a great photo of a crackhead chillin on the floor shirtless eating popcorn. the public transportation in my area always has some wild fuckery, will start taking flicks.
  15. I came back in for a minute just to find an irrelevant ass TPWF related reference and I'm fucking glad I did lol Oh where I been Got married got fat for divorced still banging some random oonzter ten years later fml
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