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  1. More photos from the game and post game taco street party: VID_24810710_155740_364.mp4 VID_24810710_155740_364.mp4
  2. Wanted to catch an Astros game, so I flew to LA. World Series rematch! LAX. Pre-game. #42 Chilling in my cheap seats. Friends Tommy. Mood. To be continued....
  3. Going to try this on mobile.... Photos from a recent trip to CDMX, with bonus pix from Cancun & Tulum: One of the oldest & most famous cantinas in Mexico: Respect to all the taco vendors. That's me trying to look cool for the gram. #TacosRuleEverythingAroundMe Museo Sumaya:  El Fin.
  4. Color (Houston Graffiti) by Marco From Houston, on Flickr Machine (Houston Graffiti) by Marco From Houston, on Flickr
  5. It was something called Comicpalooza here in Houston. Danny and Esai were there, so was Edward James Olmos. Signing autographs and taking photos. I went to say hi to Danny and get his info/email. I'm gonna interview him soon since Machete Kills comes out in September.
  6. That's my homie Slim Thugga! Where did you shoot this?
  7. I went to LA last week to shoot Coachella for the LAWeekly and OCWeekly. That was really cool, but I'm more proud of the following photos I took at Dodgers Stadium on Jackie Robinson Day: Click on the link for more game photos: http://www.laweekly.com/slideshow/jackie-robinson-day-dodger-stadium-39357241/
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