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  1. vizie del ego duo We saw that regal wyse roll by
  2. ha ha that shit is funny cause it's true???? not to jump on the negative point but there is more that one wall
  3. that is in Houston on Washington St by the police station. Been riding for years.
  4. Can this not turn into San Antonio Legal wall thread, like all the other ones
  5. this one is sick do you the flick that is futher back(with cars)
  6. did you go over that scar/mines/daze? weak
  7. vizie damn you could see that face from the freeway
  8. Hows about you get off the computer and stop callin some Rtl every other second and draw on paper for a while. It might help "Caper just sucks at life." the best quote I heard in Houston. yea we know your going to burn me or something sorry, you just wont stop with your crap blah shit. I'm pretty sure everyone thinks so too. guess what you suck and so do the people you are dissing. Neither of the parties are burning anything. stop looking at swacth bombs they suck too. End last time I say anything
  9. damn this should be the name of this thread now
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