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  1. I've got some, I'll get to work. I do have a ton of Gimers though...along with some video footage that one day I'll finish editing.
  2. Wow, your going to make me head to the shoe boxes for some of these. This might take a little time... I don't have a ton of older stuff, I wasn't really traveling around much until 2002-2003, but I'll see what I can dig up.
  3. Oooh, Yakima. Sorry, nope, one of the few places I've never ventured to.
  4. So I've got something like 8,000 photos from Bellingham, Seattle, and Portland - and randomness in between. Any requests?
  5. Wow, that Tower throw is one of the worst bites I might have ever seen. Ripping off the homie's style AND 4 of his 5 letters is a bit excessive.
  6. Also, Read More isn't Herman...though they are crew.
  7. found it... and this, workers going buck wild on this one...
  8. I think I've got a flick of this freight before the asic got gone over...I'll look around.
  9. It's all about key lime! Old or new system. Am I the only one who rolls with key lime caps on key lime cans? ...the cap works pretty well. Better than the Rusto fats did. Kroger butter cooking spray (I digress, its actually a yellow cap).
  10. With out giving away too much information - truth be told, at least one of those names is a different writer, and buzzards is a small crew.
  11. None of those pictures are from Seattle...and Read More isn't from Seattle. Cool dude though, who's put in a ton of work.
  12. ...some hands needless to say, this guy was not whisteling while he worked...but he was being very vocal about it.
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