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  1. the.crooked


    What @massgraffsaid
  2. Seriously, every fucking time I have to come here it’s some goddamn pain the ass to accomplish anything. I dont know why I ever think flying into Logan when I need to get to the east coast is a good idea. Fuck this place.
  3. I hate this fucking town.
  4. I’ve got a very narrow definition of sport. Of which, I’d agree, eXhammock does not meet. But I still talk a bout it a bunch.
  5. Oh I know. I was talking about a separate slice. It was an older place. Not far off the 72nd street stop. We were here staying at a feiend’s Apartment down there and it was this one magical period of time where the R train had full service. I half way believe it was a dream.
  6. I just saw your summary post. Gonna use that video. Thanks dawgy.
  7. FUCKING TIGHT! So glad I brought this back. @RumPuncheryou still got those photos? I’ve got a slack channel at work entitled “is it a sport” and I’ve been talking about extreme hammock for weeks now.
  8. I will post some photos from L&B and every other slice I eat when I get to BKLN in a week n a half. Wife is from Kings Plaza area so we always gotta hit up the childhood spots. Somehow, the last best slice I had was out in fucking Bay Ridge, though. Like 4 years ago. I still think about that slice. My yearly pilgrimage is just bagels, pizza, and alcohol. Will report back soon.
  9. buttermilk blue cheese. AKA WHAT RANCH IS SUPPOSED TO BE.
  10. I remember he used to switch profile names when the accounts would get to certain post counts.
  11. There's a few posts from him under <Key3> in the linked thread. Also, seems like his profile for zesto is actually --zesto-- https://forum.12ozprophet.com/profile/182926-zesto/
  12. Thank you @Pistol anyone heard from him? He was great.
  13. the.crooked


    Some revised Jordan’s for the wife, and the new Lebron’s for me. Most comfortable basketball shoe I have ever worn.
  14. Some Ellsworth Kelly, and one of my best friends pointing at an Ellsworth Kelly. SFMOMA 2017
  15. Simple question. Also, what was your favorite memetic like thing on the internet before virality really became a marketing tool? I talk about extreme hammock all the damn time.
  16. ZAAAANG. I completely forgot about this. So glad it worked out the way it did. Good for you.
  17. Important question, did he tell you what the likely video is? Cus like, if it's just some regular old pno, whatevs. Dude tried to make it sound salacious.
  18. we've got a pal that runs a pizza shop so we will occasionally pick up dough from him. I've made some doughs at home, but nothing spectacular. I think we're getting a sourdough starter soon so i'll probably see what I can do with that. A lot of bay area crusts are sourdough, but very few are as good as a regular ass crust in NYC. I'm going to be trying my damndest to make a consistently solid crust. Anyone else struggle with oven temp? I usually will split a regular dough ball into two and make 2 13ish inch pizzas. I don't have a pizza stone or a peel so I usually put them in a cold cast iron, sauce, etc. until i feel like the top and dough is cooked through (usually about 8-9 minutes on 550F), then finish with the cast iron on the stove top just to get some good browning on the crust.
  19. Wife picked up a bar shift. Time for let’s follow crooked’s evening bored and in search of a good pool game.
  20. i may or may not have had a sexual reaction to this photo. in my annual pilgrimage east this year, I get a full week in BKLN for the first time in a few years. I'm only eating slices, knots, and bagels the whole fuckin time. Maybe some turkish food out in bay ridge, but that's fuckin it.
  21. @Fist 666let’s do this.
  22. Did we lose it, or is it still somewhere? I feel like I can dedicate like 20min a day at work to putting together some posts for both threads. A clise friend of mine just finished her double double mfa at CCA here in the bay so I’ve been getting exposed to some rad new shit.
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