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  1. Here's a bunch of Aussies in @Swindle's honour Adrian Hing Mitch Love Mike Tea Adam Truarn Ben Rorke Josh Sutterby Rory Pickersgill Miguel Sanchez Josh Todaro Heath Nock
  2. Australia has so many rad artists. Got a few I'd love to come over and get stuff by some day soon!
  3. Rewarding myself after packing for my move
  4. @seeking@Fist 666@metronome@grd@earmuffs@Deine Mudder@Swindle@Boodah@Pedro dePaca I know some of you still lurk on here, lets get this thread going again! Used to love talking with you guys!
  5. Bump this thread. Let's move on down to Washington now... Christopher Ayalin William Kasper Gordon McCloud Asher Bowers Mike Rempe Derek Noble Trevor Taylor TC Hatch Adrian Martinez Jake Whitson Vinse One
  6. @metronome Was a big fan of that Troubled Monk you sent my way, dude!
  7. Booked in for my first tattoo since December on Oct 22nd. Figured since it's been almost a year may as well go big and get my knee blasted. Might post it if this thread starts picking up some steam again....
  8. I'm a huge fan of a lot of guys in Spain, my wife and I are planning to spend our honeymoon there once things get back to normal and do a little tattoo tour. Here's a few Julian Frogon Over Alvaro Bauza Mauricio Noguera Daniel Soriano Manu Santana Javi Castano David Poza Luis Basterra
  9. Aaaaaaaand more Logan Morrison Tim Pausinger Spencer Evans Nick Oaks Kurt Von Getz Paul Wolk Jake Locks Craig Lunn Alex Gracia Scott Rusnak Matt McLaughlin Glennie Whittall Piew Choquette
  10. More Canadian zip zappers to keep this thread going! I'm looking at you, @metronome! Tasha Terror Daniel Bacharach Stephane Noel Nathan Draper Heath Smith Don Callahan Ryan Halter Miguel Lepage Braden Mangione Mark Jansen Kirk Shandro Alec Benjamin Lucas Ford JF Bourbon
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