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  1. I'm thinking of the large companies that source (and manufacture) their denim in Japan. I read/watched something about a small brand bumping into a rep for a designer brand at the same mill (maybe Weaving Shibusa or an article that references it). If MIJ (as a whole) truly means 100% natural indigo is used on denim; then I can stop wondering :3 bout to just hit up the nerds on r/rawdenim or SuFu haha. Maybe I'm just thinking too much
  2. Yo!! I thought the same. You have it backwards too!! 🤣 https://theunbrandedbrand.com/pages/rawdenim Vat dyeing is the fuccboi way. I wonder if there's Japanese denim mills that use synthetic indigo. Just noticed that can be used as JDM lolll What shoes you wearing with your raws? Wheats?
  3. I've just come to the realization my SLP jeans are all rope-dyed. Just end me, fam 🤦🏻‍♂️ Edit: actually, all my denim is rope-dyed smmfh
  4. Ahh yes. Nostalgia is a marketer's wet dream.
  5. Selvedge is mainstream now, family. I wonder how many people have gotten into raws/selvedge now. Probably not a lot. Oh yeah, I forgot to write this last week. Circling back to the Japanese YT video you shared, When I saw the all those vats filled with water and dye, it put things into perspective in terms of waste, (water) consumption, chemicals, etc. on a mass scale. It reminded me that global brands more than likely are not green and I should stop supporting it. That I'd block out the negativity. Isn't that cognitive dissonance to a t?
  6. It's those jeans in the second and third pic! Ahh I totally forgot they did it with Krew. I think I still have that coin wallet thing haha.
  7. Y u gotta attack me like that 🤣 I had a pair of Crooks and Castles selvedge that I gave to my friend. I actually posted it in this very thread many years ago and holy shit. I still remember it as if I posted it yesterday talking about the fuzziness of the cotton. So cringe. He loves them for how skinny they are and wants a new pair with that cut but without the dye loss or fades. I was like But really I was like
  8. Lmk if there's brands that are wax or resin coated. About to see if N&F have it for the this season now haha
  9. @glorydays my denim is between 10oz-12oz. I've handled a 12oz pair of selvedge chinos so I suspect the jeans above are 10oz. I prefer lightweight because of the weather here. However, I do have some cold weather denim. I dream the day I find another pair of coated denim like what Yeezy wore (Dior Homme Holy Night).
  10. @glorydaysDamn there's so much starch left in the jeans. The honeycombs and stacks look paper thin and brittle, they'd shatter if you throw them to the ground. Did you pinroll the Unbranded's because that's a serious taper at the end. Here's my MIJ SLP's. Left is 100% cotton selvedge and taper work. Right is stretch cotton; originally looked like the left; no chainstitch. Had the crotch reinforced on both recently.
  11. Gotta live gatekeepers Yes. Destroyed denim was cashing in for the longest time. That and biker/motorcycle jeans a la Balmain and Saint Laurent Paris. Glory days already posted an example. I'll extend it even further. Margiela came out with the "bird splatter" GAT's, it was slept on but gained mega traction through the years. You can also do this with acrylic paint. Ngl, first collection was best bahaha Pic for reference:
  12. Random thought: It surprised me luxury designers don't market or share anymore info on the details of their jeans. I have a distressed pair that's LHT. I suspect it's to balance the feeling of the patches of fabric sewed on the inside rubbing against your skin. The color is amazing too.
  13. They will. If crotch blows out, you can have them repaired and reinforced! High key looking forward to your review/updates. You right. Thanks to them, we have wabi-sabi. Really though, the popularity and resurgence helped cement my love and appreciation of denim. Cinched waist thing is just overkill but I can dig it, just not for me.
  14. Thank you for sharing those videos. I had dinner watching them. I like the Sapporo one and decided to pass on 3Sixteens. Hit up their shop then decided I'm going to stick to 3Sixteens. 🤣🥴😔 crazy to see how labor intensive it is. I don't even want to check their site. https://www.buaisou.shop/ buddy from Sapporo Think I'll just stick to their shirts and accessories instead
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