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  1. Wonder how good the prints are. Cool find!
  2. Man, damn. I just dusted my mirror the other day. Stacks on deck. Had to brighten pic to flex. Celine MIJ skinny bois. 🤔 I need a new belt asap
  3. Picked up the MIJ Celine black raws in skinny cut. yeeeeeeee
  4. swif1


    Wasn't aware Margom makes other soles ha. They're definitely sturdy and lasts forever. I can't speak for Virtus, but I'd like to let you know their "classic" cupsole cannot remove scuffs or stains as easily unless you use the magic eraser. Depending on what you hit the sole with, you can rub it off with a heavy dose of elbow grease.
  5. Just caught up with the thread. I've trademarked something for my cousin so I can assist on that avenue. pretty cool there's a UX designer and someone who knows about lighting in this thread. My gf is a UX designer and I just lol at her gripes down to a pixel. When I worked at a studio, I never knew how they did lighting so well until the dude busted out this handheld tool with a white globe. Sick. Inkscape is def fun to use!
  6. swif1


    Have you tried AliExpress? They offer smaller scale bulk offerings ime. Also, what about Margom soles? That there's the go-to for designer sneakers unless they use custom molds a la Dior, SLP, or Louboutin.
  7. swif1


    Good analogy. Quite curious as to what brand you prefer over Vibram. I recently came across a brand that makes shiny half sole protectors to be used on Celine or Louboutin footwear but the name escapes me. I do know it's an Italian brand though. I found the rubber compound Vibram uses for my half soles to be the stiffest(?) but I've only used Goodyear and Topy. However, it's a millimeter or two thicker. I bought my double monkstraps used with Vibram half soles applied and they've outlasted the other two brands without breaking a sweat. Purely anecdotal, but this is from wearing dr
  8. Just picked up the raw black denim from Celine in the slim cut and didn't realize it until I got back to the hotel. 🤦🏻‍♂️. Similar cut as my FW13 D01 raw blacks but these are 100% cotton so I'm probably going to keep them. I was wondering why I could barely move in the fucking thing haha. Weave/Weight is heavier than SLP, that's for sure. Going to hit up the SA about the skinny jawns tomorrow. I wasn't aware how much weight I tried on the jeans; 31/32 from a 34. No rivets and outseam features a flat-felled seam.
  9. I'll check it out when I'm back from holiday, @ndv I have samples of the Celine's Eau de Californie if you or @mr.yuckwants some. I plan to hit up the SA this weekend to cop. Gf and I like Parade so we will see how it smells on her this weekend. https://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Celine/Eau-de-Californie-57923.html
  10. The European look is an acquired taste 🤣
  11. >Caring Edition Is this like Care Bears 'Caring'? @defyoner Sick tho
  12. I opened my Google app to this article: https://www.gq.com/story/nike-dunk-pigeon-knockoff Good read as I find it circles back to what @KILZ FILLZbrought up.
  13. You keep the wrapping that housed the bands and pieces? Because that adds to its provenance!
  14. I know Earth is spinning, but this blows my mind. Love it. Saw it on Reddit but forgot to save it. Thanks for sharing as now it'll be easier to sift through the oz than that place.
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