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  1. swif1

    Oldest registration date on 12oz?

    How do you update the number of posts you get to view on one page? I'd like to crank it up to :100:. Some of y'all are lucky you could bury some of the crap you've said. I'm stuck with it still. Blech. Hi, Smart. It's been a minute.
  2. swif1


    H-hi guys. Can I join the party? uguu
  3. swif1

    CHEAP mens clothing.

    http://us.topman.com/ Uniqlo Doublju
  4. swif1


  5. swif1

    Price points on high-end denim?!

    I done copped me a pair of Ande Whall joints recently. Special Roll #2. Awwyeeeee
  6. swif1

    game: write a 2 chainz verse

    //Moet by the fireplace //This is how desire taste
  7. swif1

    The Nonsense thread

    Anyone have a screencap of the Urban Dictionary definition of 12oz? It explained the love Tease and Seeking had for one another.
  8. swif1

    CHEAP mens clothing.

  9. swif1

    SuperDeepThroat (NSFW)

    Well, that was pretty fun.
  10. swif1


    $120 at http://www.sportiela.com Most recent purchase:
  11. swif1

    Post Your Desktop

    If a MacBook Pro, it's Command + Shift + 3 to take a snapshot of your screen or Command + Shift + 4 to snip. They will be saved on your desktop.
  12. Totally joked. Yes, it's under the bridge, thanks for asking!