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  1. Holy fuck, I'm late to the party. I'll have to scroll through the posts again later. I layer, yes. Since I've been working from home, I freshen up with whatever I'm in the mood. I feel if you've worn one frag enough to fully appreciate its evolution, then you can breakaway and start layering/experimenting throughout the day. Unless you meant layering in one go. I feel with what I currently own in my fragrance wardrobe, it would be a medley of death or an Axe incarnate hahaha.
  2. @mr.yuckNada ting. I've been busy with stupid life and am in the middle of moving apartments. Learning how to budget and manage my money. Rumors Francis Kurkdjian will have a very high price increase soon. Not surprising considering it's owned my LVMH now. You might like Grand Soir though. I think moving forward I'm going to purchase samples or decants. Until I run out of something then I will buy a bottle. I've managed to owning 8 bottles. I do, however, have some stuff like Creed Acqua Fiorentina to freshen the room.
  3. swif1


    @nicklesndimesLooking like a Raf Simons velcro hiking boot
  4. Just got these in the mail. Was supposed to receive the raws back in November. I got a refund for them but I'm going to stick to my guns and stay a piece of shit and sell them.
  5. These just landed. I need to send them in to reinforce the crotch. Third owner. Yee-haw! My Dior raws should arrive from the denim shop next week. Pretty flipping hyped.
  6. Just got my cousin a pair of Yeezy 350 V2 Breds. Boost feels like my retail Zebra's. Looking forward to getting the Beluga's next week. Had to wear the breds around before handing it over to cousin's mom as she's flying out to see him later this week ha. Not sure why the pic got upside down during the upload tho so apologies.
  7. @mr.yuckNothing new, but more emphasis on having a watch collection; more into designer fashion; limited release sneakers. Owning archival stuff seems to be trending in addition to Instagram brands.
  8. Also waiting for my bootleg Yeezy's to arrive in addition to LV wallets for a friend.
  9. Mate, you're in the Style subforum lmao.
  10. Got a pair of SS16 SLP waxed denim and THREE(!!!) pairs of MIJ Dior raws. Wasn't expecting to ever find these since it's discontinued. Have two in 17.5 and the other in 19cm cut. Going to store away the DS pair and have one of them re-hemmed using chainstitch and tapering the other for a more skinny fit. Dude is pretty cool and couldn't fit in them since he lifts now. Fucking waited damn near two months for it to arrive. They have the mildew smell still lingering even after I dropped them off at the dry cleaner so they're going to get soaked once I get them back from alterations. Once I find a pair of grey raws, my denim haul should be good...for now. Damn Container ship from Japan needs to hurry the fuck up for the rest of my jeans tho.
  11. Scored me some SS16 SLP waxed denim. Same pair I had from before in a larger size so that was nice. I wasn't expecting to ever find the same Dior raws with the same reference number ever but I did. Over the fucking moon.
  12. @mr.yuckI'm glad you like it. Longevity is non-existent but that's fine.
  13. After smelling the drydown of Gucci Guilty Oud, I had flashbacks of a frag I once had. It took couple minutes before I remembered what it was: Armani Attitude. Talk about a trip down memory lane!
  14. Thanks for the perfume, @mr.yuck. If you like Gaultier2, then you'd most definitely like MFK Grand Soir as that's what it immediately reminded me of. I'm going to get me a decant of it again sometime. Gucci Oud is good, but has commercial notes to it, per my gf. Will try Prada tomorrow.
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