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  1. Gotta get on that fresh train. I had Express Honor! It was a blind buy and longevity was nonexistent on my skin. Armani Code is a nice one as I had that one too. Enjoyed wearing it on a night out. Hit up fragrantica.com if you've never heard of it! Thank you! Definitely grab a vial of it. For me, it gives off a warm and inviting vibe; great in an intimate setting. I admit, I was initially put off by how sweet it was. I wonder if my nose was off that day because it doesn't smell sweet to me anymore. Between the two, I like the perfume extract better because: almond. Subtle difference, but I like it. Since we're on the topic of MFK, I just learned LVMH got a majority stake in the brand. If it isn't obvious, I'm a MFK groupie. I got to meet him when he was in town promoting Aqua Vitae and got my Oud and Aqua Vitae (small bottle that has no more juice) bottles signed. Impulsively grabbed a bottle of scented air bubbles for him to sign too lol. So dumb but hilarious when I look back at it. Wish I wasn't so cringey when I briefly spoke to him but whatever. I have a vial of Portait of a Lady and Carnal Flower. Portrait of a Lady is definitely a popular one. Jo Malone has some nice ones. Always wanted to try Kilian but there's so many I want to try, I just close the tab. Then again, I guess you can say the same with MFK. Van Cleef & Arpel Orchidee Vanille I like during the cooler months and Hermes Terre d'Hermes. I have to smell it again because I don't remember smelling any citrus; just a fucking blast of spice and wood re: Terre d'Hermes.
  2. Aw sit, my mans got some Acqua di Parma. My top TF Private Blends are Tobacco Vanille, Oud Wood, Tuscan Leather. Signature scents depends on weather so TF Fleur de Portofino, Acqua di Parma Mandorlo di Sicilia, and Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Vitae. His Baccarat Rouge 540 eau de parfum and extrait de parfum is fucking amazing and are on my wish list. I still have a couple vials of it so no rush in copping. Aventus is a classic. I really like Virgin Island Water. Frederic Malle is a neat brand and I totally eat up their philosophy. Complex as fuck, though I'm not complaining. Standout for me is the one made for one of my fav designers, Dries Van Noten. Purple bottle in pic is Ralph Lauren Purple Label. Acqua di Gio brings back memories, I'll tell you what. What blew my mind is your Intuition frag. Man, that right there was one of my first frags. Thank you for sharing that as I totally forgot about it!!!!
  3. Two reverse-collared Dior shirts. smh
  4. Fucking users and their soft tokens expiring today.
  5. Wew lad. That reception tho lmaooo. Yezzir, I’m still here in Florida. Hmu imu bb
  6. Motherfucker! Where you been! You changed your number :'( Sorry I've been MIA. Just got converted to employee from being a contractor. Been working and just caught up with life. I got in touch with Smart for a moment playing phone tag.
  7. Just got my package. Thank you! Lots of names I remember, but couldn't find my babydaddy Defyonerds or Smart. Dope to see Dr. Dazzle and Mr. Yuck. Wish I stayed in contact with the latter. @synapsIf it's who I think it is, I miss you and hope we meet again sometime.
  8. tfw I have to wait until Monday to receive my package because I had it shipped to my job. Totally wasn't expecting it to get here that quick.
  9. I wonder if my PM got sent. It keeps showing up every time i try to PM. Might have sent several since on mobile. Can't edit previous post either ack.
  10. Shit, I’m guessing it’s too late? Haven’t read through end of post yet but will check in a bit
  11. Thinking about what my goals are, where am am in life, and where I want to be in life for a job application.
  12. Read an article about the recent logo change for brand Celine by the Lord Hedi Slimane
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