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  1. Just got my package. Thank you! Lots of names I remember, but couldn't find my babydaddy Defyonerds or Smart. Dope to see Dr. Dazzle and Mr. Yuck. Wish I stayed in contact with the latter. @synapsIf it's who I think it is, I miss you and hope we meet again sometime.
  2. tfw I have to wait until Monday to receive my package because I had it shipped to my job. Totally wasn't expecting it to get here that quick.
  3. I wonder if my PM got sent. It keeps showing up every time i try to PM. Might have sent several since on mobile. Can't edit previous post either ack.
  4. Shit, I’m guessing it’s too late? Haven’t read through end of post yet but will check in a bit
  5. Thinking about what my goals are, where am am in life, and where I want to be in life for a job application.
  6. Read an article about the recent logo change for brand Celine by the Lord Hedi Slimane
  7. I might need to polish up my LinkedIn profile after reading this
  8. Word? My messages inbox is a blank. Bummer if all my OG PM's got wiped. *shrugs* Going to see if Smart still uses this phone number I had saved from a while back tomorrow
  9. I wish I can hang out with him again and catch up. btw, I'm finally here now. Happy? haha Did all the original private messages get deleted? Dr. Dazzle...damn a handle I haven't seen in ages. I wonder if we're still FB friends xoxo
  10. How do you update the number of posts you get to view on one page? I'd like to crank it up to :100:. Some of y'all are lucky you could bury some of the crap you've said. I'm stuck with it still. Blech. Hi, Smart. It's been a minute.
  11. swif1


    H-hi guys. Can I join the party? uguu
  12. swif1

    CHEAP mens clothing.

    http://us.topman.com/ Uniqlo Doublju
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