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  1. rental

    Memoirs of a Pseudo Intellectual D-List Graff Jock

    you can continue not posting, its okay. we have enough attention whores around here.
  2. rental

    What's the last movie you saw?

    i was just thinking about the lawn mower man the other night. abc read, and i am reading, fear and loathing. its soon on our netflix queue
  3. rental


    i put an ad on craigslist recently, and some dude emailed me asking if i was some bitch that he talked to who wanted to be his whore in return for putting her through college. i made sure he knew i was not this girl. and i found his address, phone number, and some personal information. dick head. oh, and he called me like 'ghetto' and 'vulgar' for using profanity towards him. i told him that was ironic of him to say.
  4. rental

    my night

    i got to watch a sushi chef from japan make sushi. skillllllz. he was schooling the other sushi chefs. i ate a lot of sushi. the last roll was: tempura lobster and cucumber topped with avocado, pan seared scallop, flying fish roe, and crab legs. hopefully, im about to finish a painting.
  5. rental

    .._____Draw 12ozers using MS Paint_____..

    you are such a cheater! tracing over shit
  6. rental

    What's the last movie you saw?

    in the theater, the simpsons. on dvd, y tu mama tambien. it was aight. a thinkers movie. it seemed a little too flat...like a lack of highs and lows, but at the same time, i think it was trying to portray what life is really like. for the most part anyway.
  7. rental

    having a party blows!

    thats why they say dont do business with friends. and you didnt think planning an event would take work? pffft.
  8. rental

    .._____Draw 12ozers using MS Paint_____..

    i dont get it. also i pictured irishcarbombs as some skinny white kid in the uk
  9. rental

    house sitting (anyone good with cats?)

    yeah. call its name a lot all around the outside of the house. try luring it with wet food or whatever is the biggest treat for it.
  10. rental

    .._____Draw 12ozers using MS Paint_____..

    heshrock life takes american express:
  11. rental

    this forum has gone to shit

    but wasnt jappy dude out of commission due to a jaw injury? doesnt count.
  12. rental

    Your version of Hell

    hah. i didnt even really look at the drawing. i like the fish in the fez. it reminds me of a sword in the stone.
  13. rental

    .._____Draw 12ozers using MS Paint_____..

    pfft! yeah right. he knows who cooks his dinner.
  14. rental

    .._____Draw 12ozers using MS Paint_____..

    well, you have to instill the "fear of love" into them, you know?
  15. rental

    .._____Draw 12ozers using MS Paint_____..

    do i come off as supremely violent? i do beat the man when he gets too uppity...