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  1. haha. as soon as the new board is up, I'll get a new log in. this one is evoking haunting memories of my toy days. until then.
  2. just an update: the cat was found two blocks over dead from, what I assume was, a car hitting it. I went to college a month later and ended up breaking up with the girl. lame ending. I saw her sister (who owned the cat) one day downtown outside of the subway stop and arrived home to a facebook message asking me "why haven't you killed yourself yet." I still jerk off to topless photos of the daughters in this family.
  3. be quiiiiet. he has more than you do/will-ever. bambu- those are dope. sweet philosophy notes, too, by the way. haha.
  4. not bad not bad keep practicing ruck.
  5. I usually really dig your stuff. Besides the fill though, I don't like this. I dunno. That connection to the E is real weird too.
  6. doing the same simple a bunch of times will allow you to progress. you subconciously change small things, making letters flow better and better over time. it also helps you gain an eye for proportions. so keep drawing the same simple letters. put them together. etc etc. over and over. graffiti is based off of that. don't whine either or say it's boring because that is just proof you should not even start painting. ruck; you've progressed a lot but still, stick to the books. don't paint yet. if you do though, don't do street shit just practice at a middle of nowhere wall.
  7. I like that downward slopin hand.
  8. saw them about a month ago. awesome time. I almost broke my neck though.
  9. thanks man wiser-are those old sloe fills on top of there?
  10. I'm never painting with you guys again. Fuck off. Paintstainz is such an illegal immigrant.
  11. uhh time wise I have no idea haha. I stopped for random breaks, but not too long. thanks for the words yo. yeah psyklone and mezr are on that wall too.
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