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  1. you can continue not posting, its okay. we have enough attention whores around here.
  2. i was just thinking about the lawn mower man the other night. abc read, and i am reading, fear and loathing. its soon on our netflix queue
  3. i put an ad on craigslist recently, and some dude emailed me asking if i was some bitch that he talked to who wanted to be his whore in return for putting her through college. i made sure he knew i was not this girl. and i found his address, phone number, and some personal information. dick head. oh, and he called me like 'ghetto' and 'vulgar' for using profanity towards him. i told him that was ironic of him to say.
  4. rental

    my night

    i got to watch a sushi chef from japan make sushi. skillllllz. he was schooling the other sushi chefs. i ate a lot of sushi. the last roll was: tempura lobster and cucumber topped with avocado, pan seared scallop, flying fish roe, and crab legs. hopefully, im about to finish a painting.
  5. in the theater, the simpsons. on dvd, y tu mama tambien. it was aight. a thinkers movie. it seemed a little too flat...like a lack of highs and lows, but at the same time, i think it was trying to portray what life is really like. for the most part anyway.
  6. thats why they say dont do business with friends. and you didnt think planning an event would take work? pffft.
  7. i dont get it. also i pictured irishcarbombs as some skinny white kid in the uk
  8. yeah. call its name a lot all around the outside of the house. try luring it with wet food or whatever is the biggest treat for it.
  9. but wasnt jappy dude out of commission due to a jaw injury? doesnt count.
  10. hah. i didnt even really look at the drawing. i like the fish in the fez. it reminds me of a sword in the stone.
  11. pfft! yeah right. he knows who cooks his dinner.
  12. well, you have to instill the "fear of love" into them, you know?
  13. do i come off as supremely violent? i do beat the man when he gets too uppity...
  14. my version of hell is having to work with 16-18 year old emo children that are full of themselves and also bullshit.
  15. hah! my fat orange cat! is that quote supposed be me gunning someone down? hah! i just saw the machine gun on top...whats up with that?
  16. oh, whats really rad is this new rolo ice cream bar. abc got one last night at the liquor store while i went with the trusty ole push up. but the rolo thing was stupid fresh. "Better than an orgasm. Well, perhaps not, but easier to get during a family lunch!" -from the blog i took the image from speaking of the early 90s slang, i was googling play for an image, but got this instead, which i saw some weeks ago at the nerd store.
  17. this looked slightly different in photoshop.
  18. because this is an old thread that was bumped with older members in it.
  19. but i would eat the shit out of a garden tomato and avocado. *and some rolls, miso soup and sunomono. tobikko is the shit.
  20. no, no. no mouse pen. although, we ve thought that we should get one. abc is a wuss about drawing on the computer with a mouse. the pizza story made me laugh out loud
  21. still my faves hooray, someone remembered the episode theo was in!
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