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count chocula

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count chocula last won the day on July 27 2011

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  1. count chocula


    y'all still ride bikes?
  2. count chocula


  3. count chocula

    The Beer Thread

    been a while — Seizoen Bretta & Mikeller Invasion IPA have been standouts. cheers,
  4. count chocula


    bieks r kewL
  5. count chocula


    what's good ? race season is in full effect - anyone mixing it up? rubbish?? joker?? my "campaign" is going well so far, looking to really turn it up in the next month. even got to race a P/1/2/3 field last month and managed 3rd overall. gotta love those t-shirts! racing tomorrow — wish me luck.
  6. count chocula

    SFW PORN MEGA Thread

  7. count chocula


    Hai guiz racey racey!
  8. count chocula


    new commute is quite noice.
  9. count chocula


    lazer all the way.
  10. count chocula


    get rad
  11. count chocula

    The Beer Thread

    Westoek. — that is all.
  12. count chocula

    The Beer Thread

    Wow, so much good ...magnolia dinner sounds promising
  13. count chocula

    The Beer Thread

    cus, the best way to describe the svea is "the way an ipa SHOULD be" i mean, i love the big hop and all that - but this stuff is so on point. you get a solid taste of the hops, a little heat and it finishes clean and dry. i can imagine some people saying it's too dry - but i'm into that. verging on champagne dry …love it. try it - it's amazing.
  14. count chocula

    The Beer Thread

    no i haven't any suggestions?