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  1. I can't believe I even responded to this shit. And no, I never made a new account to post under either. I just straight stopped posting. And don't forget guys, DRINK MORE DR. PEPPER!
  2. Jesus Christ....... When I was told about this thread, it was like a bad memory farting in my ear. PITOFZOMBIES, I was still posting for a little while after I got my Mod status revoked. That shit annoyed me but didn't phase me. It wasn't a power trip or anything like that, so you're wrong buddy. The reason I stopped was because I got a fucking life! Before, I was working in an office job (hating life), then unemployed, so I had way too much free time on my hands. Then I got offered to actually work at the 12oz "office," and that's six months of my life I'll never get back. I'm no
  3. I'm shocked you still care. Please delete more threads.
  4. Re: Database Error It doesn't even take NASA this long to roll out a space station. I think more emphasis is probably put on the front page of the site, as it should be. Forums are dying. Most members are getting older and coming around less and less, and younger kids really don't give two shits about this stuff when they grew up on Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook. Putting more money into a new forum is like trying to keep a 30 year old cat alive because you've had it since you were 2. I mean the cat can't move, it shits everywhere constantly, and it
  5. http://www.flipsideradionetwork.com/Flipside-Fly-Girls.html So which one of you guys has fucked or is related to one of these girls? Just asking.
  6. Download this: It's gangster.
  7. I've got a new mix up. http://dailysession.com/2012/04/17/session-1282-funky-slice-04-16-12/ 01. Luke Vibert – Get Your Head Down 02. Red Snapper – Bogeyman 03. The Avalanches – A Different Feeling 04. Up, Bustle & Out – La Morena En El Viento Andaluz 05. Five Deez – Lattitude 06. Lyrics Born – Hott People 07. The Fly Guys – Fly Guys Rap 08. Extra T’s – Et Boogie 09. Aceyalone – Superhero 10. Quannum MCs Meet Jurassic 5 – Concenttation 11. Secret Frequency Crew – Deep Blue 12. Earth Bound – REggie’s Escape 13. Bill Laswell – Them Belly Full (but We Hungry)
  8. You thought you were talking to that chick, but you were actually talking to this:
  9. Must be. i haven't been crew since August. I don't own enough Nikes, so I got fired. I also don't drink enough Dr. Pepper.
  10. Does your wife play with you? If not, that shit is going to put your ass in divorce court.
  11. Starts off with deeper disco, gets housey towards the end. http://10mixes.com/ron-trent-live-development-part-2/ IOU -you'll dig this one.
  12. On a serious note Guku, are you doing those stickers by hand or having them printed? If by hand, how long does it take you to do one sticker? Sometimes you'll post a painting and I actually like it. Other times it looks really amateur and your placement ruins it for me. The later part of this comment is more often than not, but I think if you tried a little more control and put a little more visual direction into these, they'd improve greatly. Right now, you seem like you're getting high then drawing a few lines, connecting them, filling in some, scratching over others, and you let the pi
  13. Yeah, if you put a hula hoop lip plate and a piece of watermelon somewhere in that --it would sell.
  14. Here's a soul mix worth downloading for whatever commute you might have. http://dailysession.com/2012/03/21/session-1262-beetronix-03-21-12/ “Spring love story Mix” 01. Fever 02. Sweetback 03. Autumn Leaves 04. Sitting In The Park 05. Is It Me You Really Love 06. I Dig You Baby 07. How Can I Love 08. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy 09. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You 10. Feel Like Making Love 11. In The Rain 12. You Know How To Make Me Feel So Good 13. Never Can Say Goodbye 14. Use Me 15. I Feel Like Dynamite 16. Soulful Strut 17. Spooky 18. Chokin’ Kind 19. H
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