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  1. True master, as good as graffiti gets. Rest In Peace
  2. whoa man... i forget how a female can go from trash to smash with the application of some makeup. it's kind of fucked up. only once have I been with a chick who looked really significantly worse without makeup. gotta have that natural beauty. only super cute ladies for me.
  3. I don't really smoke dank much as it tends to kill my creativity when I'm doing it daily (and making/releasing new music is my main focus), but, if you can, yes - getting high as fuck every night can help you be more at peace with the whole thing.
  4. I work 9-5 and I will agree, sometimes it feels like a nightmare. I can't keep it up too much longer. Shit will slowly kill your spirit if you're not the type who can handle it. And mine isn't even in an office. In fact my boss is a chill, laid-back motherfucker and I have what many would consider a dream job, working in a "media production" field doing high-profile video shit. It's the schedule that makes the whole thing fucked. The monotony and the bleak outlook of returning to the same place 5 fucking days a week, earlier in the morning than you'd like to. Plus, for me and plent
  5. Oh and how about when your friends show everybody pictures of you passed out naked in which your dick is retracted into your body lookin hella small. Even though when erect it's a respectable 6.5 inches :)
  6. I drink a bunch of coffee through the day in an attempt to wake the fuck up, only to find myself way more tired + mentally drained / depressed by the time I'm off work. It seems like the only women that are gonna be in my life (sexually/romantically) just aren't fuckin cool. I have to work to keep someone else wealthy, in order to keep a roof over my head and have some modest but quality material shit
  7. I make notable progress toward my goals and feel genuinely hopeful/optimistic, at least temporarily. A cutie makes it clear she's down. I feel content and not restless.
  8. http://ancientrobot.bandcamp.com/album/skweee-inna-dancehall
  9. to make it easy... LISTEN to these if you like electronic / hip hop / synthesizers / sophisticated-funky-serious-ass shit: http://danielsavio.bandcamp.com/track/real-gangstas-dont-live and/or this: http://danielsavio.bandcamp.com/track/bird-flu
  10. Incredible new Daniel Savio release... Check tracks 9 or 10 for quick proof. If you're a danksmoker, get high first. http://danielsavio.bandcamp.com/album/ill-eagle
  11. Tiburoni Records' third "Skweee Shanties" compilation: http://tiburonirecords.bandcamp.com/album/skweee-shanties-the-third
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