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  1. is anyone from the sweep team still on here? I stopped posting when I couldnt use $360 anymore. i still lurk from time to time, but im a 9-5er now.
  2. *BUMP* for this thread because i just learned that buritto max is no more...
  3. little late. RIP to a good man...
  4. hahalkfaklbv;asbvhfouahgfuah'ohgvolhgaso[uihgohweoghrw i crack myself up
  5. if you watch it you can see his friend trying to throw a beer on him
  6. it was awesome to be part of this. sorry im so damn slow.
  7. friday: 24th birthday/kickball saturday: work sunday: work rest of the week: work
  8. i just ordered scallion pancakes in honor of this thread. thanks. thanks again.
  9. its my birthday tomorrow. woo. ill be 24.
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