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  1. no joke....id still drop some of those tracks at a party. black will always kill. its just way too heavy.
  2. ha...yeah al. maybe a little smaller. although i guess there could be worse things to have a detailed shot of. those are some nice records, serum...chain of strength, inside out, monster x, deadguy, tons of early to mid 90s goodness...
  3. i may be interested in the converge depending on what they are. i love orchid but already have that situation on lockdown. what else are you looking to move?
  4. bigger pics would be cool. the shit youre posting up is way too clutch for thumbnails. great stuff.
  5. post some things up dood. id love for this to turn into "superthread" of sorts. just pages and pages of vinyl....yeah.
  6. alright, this is the "what the fuck?" post where i pull out all sorts of random shit from different genres im into. toasted marshmellow feet breaxs. fucking great battle record with great art done by done1 tdk. dj rectangle records. another staple. i had a blue one as well but apparently i left it somewhere because i couldnt find it. does anyone how many different colors the put out? two of my favorites. i used the shit out of the one on the right. love it. 5 record set put out during the release of soundbombing two. pretty cool little deal. i have non idea why this picture looks like i took it with a shitty webcam. anyway. teh ooontz. this thing has some serious anthems though. the jungles mcs would probably refer to them as "heavy riddims". those guys have always annoyed the shit out of me. moving from the oontz to some punk rock. nothing special about this aside from THE COOLEST FUCKING RECORD COVER EVER. seriously, such a good photograph. turbonegro/rippers split. they only made 500 of these which is a small pressing for a band of turbonegros size. i just kind of stumbled on this one day...not sure many people even know this exists. ten grand - this is the way to rule on 180 gram vinyl. i have no idea how many of these were pressed and dont really care because ill never sell this record. it is post-hardcore perfection. i broke this out at my buddys 32 birthday show that i djed and he almost shit his pants. definitely one of those bands that people forget about and re-discover...its kind of a shame because they are so much more important than that. speaking of music that falls into the utterly stupid "post-________" catagory. this is one of my babies even though its only about a year old. "all of a sudden i miss everyone" by explosions in the sky. it was written in response to hurricane katrina and is a pretty powerful piece of music. if anyone has pressing info please hit me up. i know there werent many of these because i got this from a show in NY and a month later when i saw them again they were gone. the other side of the blue record has an etching similar to the front cover. solid. pelicans "australasia", first pressing on black. same deal here, if anyone has pressing info let me know. for some reason im thinking the first pressing on black was one of the smaller numbered runs but i could be totally off base. inside cover. when i used to paint id always rock out the bubble clouds on the outside of the piece. thats probably why i think this is so damn cool. this post is brought to you by the "sea of red" reissue on clear red..any my crispy reebok classics. if you have original sea of red (which i used to, then it fucking walked off) you should still look into this. it has 4 unreleased tracks from the heavier days that are goood.
  7. nice stuff guys. thanks for giving this some life. seldoon - looking at your hip hop records is like looking at my own collection. i plan on puttering around the house today so maybe ill dig around and pull out a few battle record to post up as well. also, that iron maiden record is fucking great. if you ever want to get rid of that you know where the pm button is. bast - that kylesa album is a nice one. im way down with the southeast metal scene right now. also...im going to put up a couple of records i have multiple copies of and am looking to trade here shortly...shortly meaning sometime between now and march.
  8. i recently saw "lake of fire", a documentary about abortion shot over 15 years by david kaye (american history x). it was a pretty phenomenal movie if you can open your mind and really look at what people are saying. i cant say i was able to do that the entire time and i left the movie feel pretty sad and agitated. still, its probably something ill end up buying just due to the overall importance of the film. definitely worth checking out. http://www.variety.com/review/VE1117931656.html?categoryid=31&cs=1
  9. i think thats point. i dont know about everyone else but i dont have my gun around to "handle beef" or some such bullshit. for the most part it sits in my closet in the event i feel i need to kill or maim someone who poses a threat to me, my lady and our well being. if you fit into that category then im concerned with stopping you and hopefully not getting your dumb ass all over my house in the process...having a fair fight or coming off as a pussy definitely isnt in the equation. outside of that primary reason, i really enjoy shooting and hope to start hunting sometime in the near future.
  10. thats about the most heterosexual video clip i have ever seen. someone splice in some meat on a grill and two girls making out and we'll top that fucker off.
  11. bump for sabbath. also, i had to work with ian anderson briefly...hes kind of a douche. is that mono album on color? "are you there" is a beast of a record.
  12. i shot a romanian AK-47 about a month ago. that fucker was a cannon.
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