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  1. I've seen everyone from tradesmen, white collar professionals, gay party boys and heavy criminals get stuck into that shit to various degrees... tweaking, putting sores all over themselves, to selling their arses...but more over, just becoming torturously horrible people.. Oh, and it's not even fun.
  2. true that. they stick together here. its a real problemo
  3. lets be honest with each other now... The only reason anyone would want an assault rifle is because they FUN & EXCITING & SXC they are not practical in house or personal defense. I own rifles and shotguns here in Australia and I'd probably own a handgun/ semi auto like a mini 14 if I could ( a full-on assault feels a bit try hard to me). The point is, I like my guns. but I'm sure as hell glad we don't have the same absolute lack of control/screening that the US does. Its an absolute joke. your country would be so much less fucked without guns. and I'm not talking about the mass shootings and i'm talking about the constant ghetto trash killing and firearm low level street crime... enjoy that, fight 4 your right for that!
  4. I know for a fact this is real. Not!
  5. where's that? northern bluefin / longtail tuna?
  6. looks like a civilised monday night to me
  7. i've caught very similar looking species of angler fish in sydney harbour. chillin' in the cold room southern bluefin tuna from the other day.
  8. im up boys ^ Yeah i've got a gr1v hey... I don't even know what you mean by the scratching dx codes thing? between a gr1v, and a hexar rf with a summicron c 40mm and 35mm/1.4 voightlander nokton, and my g10 I am totally covered for any camera use i would ever require. its taken a few years to get this bunch together..DONE !!
  9. theres at least one confirmed cunt in your friends albums
  10. how fucking good are gr1s. I've got two. A mate recently picked one up in Tokyo for next to nothing. I reckon anything less than 300 is pretty good. whats with the holga though? I FUCKING LOVE JAPAN. so many good times. And schnitzel what do you mean you couldn't get vending machine beer? I seem to remember there being a vending machine for booze on every corner without needing a card.
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