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  1. Nice stuff, went for the old ae in the end? Hope it goes well. This shot is hard, where is that? Police broke my door in and stole all my photos :(
  2. Hard shots! Brechin station looks worth a visit and they signs are a good find.
  3. Couple more old ones I that have grown on me.
  4. Been looking through old photos on my parents computer, these are from my first roll of film shot with an slr. That roll was more successful than some are these days haha..
  5. third time lucky Anyway, have a look. http://highflyandbroke.blogspot.com/
  6. Daily those contax shots are hard. That Fuji shoots portrait standardly right? and you have to hold it in what would usually be portrait to get landscape? I thought I had found the perfect medium format camera when I first heard about it. Slr type medium format but like half the price of a mamiya 6/7 but that portrait thing killed it for me. I'm not really a fan of portrait, only when it's strictly neccessary.
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