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  1. i believe mine was on freudian psychology and shaespeare,but dont hold me to that
  2. ya i ruined that 5 figure drawing with one swoop of the hand and a cupfull of ink 9 hours into it. gay. anyway im sure ill have more soon, maybe even some sculpture.
  3. i fucked up only once and ruined something that was great. still trying to patch it together but its never going to be the same
  4. congrats on the show sabe. hopefully ill post more when im not sooooo backed up with work. busy busy busy
  5. i know its small im to lazy to repost it elsewhere
  6. friday saturday draw then finish whatever booze is left over sunday study
  7. wow... how the hell? Quoted post http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=82...5&q=chris+bliss damn, Burn. that dude does 5 balls. Quoted post [/b] guy has no rythem and hes biting chris bliss's idea :scowl:
  8. god way to many favorite painter cezanne favorite sculptor rodin favorite draftsmen gotta be my boy mike your all sleeping on the classics and talking about modern crap. whoever said they liked rouchenburg deserves to get shot in the face.
  9. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=47...0&q=chris+bliss this guy is fucking amazing.


    galkyd or dry brush. dont waste your time with acrylic its trash

    the radiohead topic

    beardo whats the deal with torrents i tried to download towering above the rest and its slow as fuck
  12. whats the movie where she plays a stripper god damn shes got an amazing ass, makes watching a movie with julia roberts suedo heterosexual.
  13. thanks for the kind words man. i never really used acryllics, i did back in high school a few times and couldnt stand how fast they dried. oils are more expensive but theyre alot more flexible and can take up to 2 days to dry, which gives you time to rework them. it helps to have a teacher to show you how to use and manipulate them. draw as much as you can from life and learn art history and youll be on your way.
  14. one time while leaving a redsox game i had an urge for burger king so me and my girlfriend go to the atm. upon having some trouble opening the door some drunk asshole bursts through the door talking about "you gotta use ya fahcking cahd." meanwhile said asshole left his card in the machine with the "would you like to make another transaction screen" flashing. long story short, we only took out 20 dollars and threw the card away. we justified it by the guy being a shithead and gave the change from BK to someone collecting money for charity.
  15. baked beans and toast dropped egg on ramen eggs and franks red hot franks red hot on just about any thing


    dont know if anyones said this already, but you have to pour bleach on the pork, not just any bleach chemistry lab high concentration shit, and you will see worms squirm out. ive seen it in class. my old bio teacher loved talking about shit like that, almost ruined bacon for me.
  17. depends on how long youve got. i generally start out with a 2 line flow drawing and 2 ovals, one for the ribcage one for the pelvis. if you can get those to work correctly its just connecting the major masses. i wouldnt bother trying to find contour until youve got everything generalized and flowing.
  18. im thinking cross between a duchamp dynamism and the impressionist female at toilette paintings. have my girlfriend doa progression of poses and closly pack them together spanning from left to right in a triangular compsition. ill throw up a study when i have time
  19. my moms a speech therapist and gets to work with just about every type of challenged person you could imagine. she used to take me to work with her when i was a punk teenager to straighten me out. oddly enough i too may end up being a high school teacher. stoner art teacher until my career never takes off status
  20. alright ive gotta do a multi figure drawing. atleast 5 people, nude or clothed, no abstractions. i really have no idea what im going to do and i only have 2 weeks to do it. any suggestions for inspiration ideas etc? thanks
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