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  1. dELiSs

    Happy Birthday Dephyoner!!!

    defy: i hope they all die.
  2. dELiSs

    Happy Birthday Dephyoner!!!

    I speak on behalf of defy. the other half of the behalf is myself. Why make a thread he can't view? Thats why he's no longer here. because of you idiots, We number one, you number ten. Good call on the pancakes, and cats and raptors though.
  3. dELiSs

    living on a budget

    I have $0.6 in my checking. I'm suppose to get paid today about 1000, but my boss isnt here to sign the check, she's probably hungover. I really need it for rent, and I'm still short about $350. After that is done, I dont know what the hell I'm gonna do for food and gas. I don't get paid until the 15th. I need a new job asap.
  4. dELiSs

    I want to see YOU.

    we're all fat nerds at heart.
  5. dELiSs

    two things....

  6. dELiSs

    Urkle's car

    They look fun.
  7. dELiSs

    Checking in....

    I love his jeans and if thats a fanny pack, nicce.
  8. dELiSs

    The Babble

    let me try this again. I have a feeling some of this has been posted before, but what the hey.
  9. dELiSs

    the best food in your city

    roscoe's is always packed as heck.
  10. dELiSs

    Nervous Rabbits

    I pick at the skin around my nails, when im stressed, it gets bad.
  11. dELiSs

    sup hesh

  12. dELiSs


    I might have to sell this guy to pay bills. I dont know what to do. Let my child go?
  13. dELiSs

    Nervous Rabbits

    when I'm nervous, I clean, or eat. bike ride. eat cleaning supplies, while bike riding.
  14. dELiSs

    The Babble