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Everything posted by gfreshsushi

  1. ate myself some fake duck and green beans, with some vegi-chicken chow mein. then smoked a cigarette while walking the dog. brotally.
  2. i can't fucking believe this is real.
  3. that fucking tyboe is great. oh christ, i'm in paper chase.
  4. this movie was amazing, if only because napoleon reminded me so much of my autistic brother. seriously, blow for blow perfect imitations at times.
  5. http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2483385 this shit is awesome if you have a working knowledge of superheroes.
  6. if you're a nerd for store displays, undefeated has one of the most stylish layouts for a store i've ever seen. too bad all the shoes are so damn expensive.
  7. that was weird. i'm not sure if i liked it or not. oh well, it had it's moments.
  8. where's a red arrow icon when you need one?
  9. dropped out to tour for a year. going back next fall. working for a living sucks way more than i remembered.
  10. that was rad.end of story. to quote local celebrity al blotto: "i so wish anyone i knew had the patience to do shit like that."
  11. so does this mean we're all one percenters?
  12. park your ride at a bart station in the east bay or the peninsula and ride in. if you miss the last train (around 1230 or so) then you just have to drink all night to keep yourself awake until the first train of the morning.
  13. what the hell does w000t mean? is it like yelling WHAAAT but it looks cooler to use zeroes in the middle, or is it an interweb nerd thing that i don't understand?
  14. it's not that your theory is undermined, it's just that it's not as original as you hoped. it's cool. we've all done the "i am an insignificant speck in the endless landscape that is the universe" thing before.
  15. i believe the quote is along the lines of: "so what you're saying is, inside of a cell in my fingernail, could be an entire universe, with planets and beings and an entire galaxy..." "yes." "so that means, that our entire universe could just be inside of a single cell inside the fingernail of some giant being..." "yes." "...could i buy some pot from you?" it's not exactly the same, but close enough to warrant a picture of gumby drinking a beer.
  16. this thread is way too close to being on page 2, considering what time it is.
  17. has someone been watching animal house? http://www.unc.edu/~fiser/Gumby/Archive/Drinking.jpg'>
  18. this is the best page this thread has ever seen. props go out to kzam, sibl, cyloe, and whoever painted the johnny cash snail and puff the magic dragon.
  19. and now, the last knightbat retires. like anyone else is awake. i'm the only motherfucker that's posted in ch0 for like 45 minutes. ^0^ GET IT CRUNK.
  20. no cable means no watching. but i want to.
  21. gfreshsushi

    about my life

    whatever happened to "life sucks when you grow up"? i had a fucking counselor tell me that in high school. well, here i am swinging a hammer and playing music, and despite the lack of a woman, i've never been more happy or focused. which is sad, because i'm depressed and sluggish. oh well. at least you have someone to share yourself with. /take them lemons life gave you, and throw them through some motherfucker's windshield.
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