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  1. oh i meant sigur ros. sigur rod is a pet name for my shwanson.
  2. sigur rod is playing here next friday. the tickets are expensive, but i dont really care. should i go? it's such sleepytime music, could a live show possibly be interesting? kinda want to check it out. :china:
  3. i hear that. i got no defense. temptation. to feel a gorgeous girls nipples going boing boing boing across your toes just interrupts the normal standards of of what's right and wrong.
  4. been there done that. *note- the hairy ass in this photo does not belong to a thai whore. it is unrelated to the discusion of whores, yet related to the topic of bangkokky. this disclaimer if for the sole purpose of NO HOMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and on an unrelated note.....
  5. one of my friends spun at a club in mainland china this past weekend and me and some friends went with him entourage style to party. at 4:30 am we decided the to hit the naughty sauna spot for a little sensual massage action. yo i know it's dirty. but you can't even imagine what 40 bucks gets you in china. (me and the little lady been in a fight for the last month and i just coudn't bring myself to opt out of the rub and tug) these chicks are so retardedly hot that it's mindblowing. i'm not even trying to give you the entire 3 hour run down. but after the shower..
  6. little bit gay, a la williamsburg. kinda fresh tho. http://media2.7digital.com/motion/Mark_Ronson_Just_High.mov
  7. yo baby, my cave or yours? what a not funny joke.
  8. scientology was always on my shit list. now its on the fucking top. chef, RIP.
  9. damn. my man got the whammy. RIP, dog. best game show ever. show some love. SANTA MONICA, Calif. - A former TV game show host and his wife were killed Monday morning when their small plane crashed into Santa Monica Bay, authorities said. Rescue crews were searching for a third person also aboard the plane. ADVERTISEMENT The bodies of Peter Tomarken, 63, host of the hit 1980s game show "Press Your Luck," and his wife, Kathleen Abigail Tomarken, 41, were identified by the Los Angeles County coroner's office. The plane was on its way to Sa
  10. what a stupid bitch. whenever the luminous green and pink GHB fly flies down my throat, i just gargle with listerene and it flies back out.
  11. little cold antipasto always works. fresh mozz and tomato. little basil good olive oil. some balsamic vinager.. fucking thank god for italians. speakign of italians. motherfucking sopranos sunday bitches! i heard the first 2 episodes are on point!!!
  12. aboslut. haha. aboslut.
  13. fishscale is uploaded in the j dilla thread. it's funny being 12 hours ahead of most of you. i'm always hungover when people make new im drunk threads. just wait till tomorrow and you feel the way i feel right now, suckers. i really feel like i got hit in the head with a baseball bat. aboslut and grapefruit juice goes down way too easy.
  14. man i been trying to eat healthier lately. trying to eat light dinners. and i try to keep fruit in the crib instead of oreo cookies and fritos n shit. alas, the munchies set in hard last night after i puffed as they always do. i ASSAULTED the fruit stash. i had a banana, 2 pears and then a pomelo. if ya don't know, pomelo is kinda grapefruit-ish. mad good. so, yo. ...... what the fuck am i talking about here? oh yeah... i took such a wicked shit this morning. everything that was in my ass exited and entered the bowl in like half a second. true story.
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