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  1. Jackson


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  2. Unsustainable business model.
  3. Thats why they are so fucking expensive because dude has to go out with a dog and find them, and you find like one a day.
  4. Jackson

    How to get rid of bums outside my window

    Gr8 thread. My local gang of somalian coke dealers used to stand opposite my house all night selling drugs, drinking and shouting. It used to keep me up at night a couple nights a week. I thought about smearing some really fucking ripe brie in some cutty little spots near their hangout but I never did. They were there for two summers, then the gang turf war just naturally moved them on because they are gone now.
  5. Jackson


    *From the music thread
  6. Went back three pages and dude getting his leg broke I am like oh yeah I can't trust this thread.
  7. Hi kids. Been back lurkin. Nice to see that there is a bit of community still here. Gonna do an American road trip possibly in July, so may make a thread for recommendations and see if anyone wants to grab some beers along the way.
  8. Jackson


    Smash :DDDDD
  9. I just reinstall insta when I want to browse it. Its rarely installed on my phone day to day. Do some scrolling then delete it.
  10. Jackson

    16+ anos

  11. Jackson

    post your meals photo superpooperthread!!

    I should add, the good thing about doing it with tortelloni, is that because it is fresh, the whole prep the night before only takes about 5 mins. 2 Mins to boil the water, 2 mins to cook the pasta, 1 min to assemble. This was the reason i stuck with the regime, because it was a piece of piss.
  12. Jackson

    post your meals photo superpooperthread!!

    Same thing every day though. Also, whats on friday, lunch out? I used to make tortelloni the night before, then dump it in a tupperware, on top of a whiole bunch of baby spinach with some of my homemade tomato sauce and some fresh tomatos. Take it to work, put in the microwave, the spinach cooks while the pasta reheats, the tomatoes get hot, dump in a bowl, bit of chilli sauce lovely.
  13. Jackson

    Oldest registration date on 12oz?

    I just seen this new look oontz. Wtf.
  14. Jackson


    I seen this guy up in London, cant remember where. If I stumble upon it ill flick it.
  15. I don't care what any of these fucking trendies say, Saucony make the most busted looking shoes. Ever.