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  1. Glad to see your swagger still as wild as ever.
  2. FLIGHTS TO CHICAGO TO SEE MY BABE. £468 Best thing to spend money on: TRAVEL
  3. Yall are on some Robert Crumb shit
  4. Some Arcy gloves and some pants and socks from Muji. God bless this stupid retail therapy thread.
  5. I switched that shit off years ago. I way prefer my interaction with machines to be as assist free as possible. Can make up whatever fucking spellings I want. Never gonna use that weird swipey action thing where you are supposed to trace around the words with one finger, that thing is fucking stooopid.
  6. That dude in the original post is in his mid 20s now. I still have the same mobile phone number as I had when I was 15, nearly 20 years now. Damn.
  7. That west coast drive should be fairly cool weather wise right? Will July be nice enough on that coast for a bit of lounging and swimming?
  8. YOO. Thanks Kalashnikov, I am thinking of extending my stay in Chicago a little bit as there is a lot to do, and I met some quite fun Chicagians in london at a 'Soccer' - FOOTBALL game and they want to show me around so thats fun. OK so update: I have booked my flight back from San Francisco, 2 weeks after I am due to leave Chicago. So for the sake of argument I leave CHI on 21st JULY, my flight out of SF is on 5th AUGUST. So I basically have 15 days to get from Chicago to San Francisco to catch my flight. Which way would you go? I was thinking of flying to Seattle a
  9. Is there new show any good? Also who was that blonde bitch? Why do people like Donald Trump!?
  10. Hello. Been sleepin on my own thread. I have booked 3 nights in Chicago for the 15th-18th JULY. Recommendations please! Gonna shoot off after that to the next spot but havent chosen it yet. Thursday til Monday at wherever. Weekend wibes, party town. Ideas? Thanks!
  11. Ok so I have since watched a lot lot lot of Desus and Mero clips on youtube and I really enjoy them. I am really pleased for @MEROJUANA
  12. This whole step brother thing on porn sites has led me to believe that everyone else in the world is a sick fuck.
  13. I did a quick search and there are 31 places in America called Jackson. I have made a map, and intend to hit a whole bunch of them. @Dirty_habiTThanks dude, if I make it to TX then I will certainly be hitting Austin, and will take up your kind offer my guy.
  14. Yeah its between doing one area of the country more slowly with a car road tripping or buzz around on aeroplanes going to as many places as poss. ^ Will do!
  15. God, America is so big though I am wondering how best to traverse this bitch. I only have a month.
  16. My new favourite four words. Dear @misteraven and @Fist 666these are both fabulous invitations, and you are very kind to offer. I am very interested in doing big countryside things, Wyoming looks amazing, and there is a place there called Jackson's Hole NH. Cowboy shit is also my vibe nh again. I would love to do Yellowstone, and go on a bit of an Ansel Adams crawl. That west coast through Oregon is lovely apparently, with great beaches, and perhaps up north will be a good place to avoid the heat of July? I am finding it hard to decide if I should do the east co
  17. Yeah I have heard they are are not ageing well and a bit rough around the edges. I am not bothered by luxury accommodation, I would much rather stay somewhere cheap and low key and spend the money saved on experiences. In no particular order my preferences for things to see and do: small towns with scary locals, regional museums, art galleries, barbecue restaurants, those endless buffets I have seen they have in Vegas which serve every kind of food, places with really good light, signposted photo opportunities, Avery Island, Italian American gangsters, indie clubs, low-rent s
  18. Hello! I finally got my visa to go to America, after 15 years of putting it off since my criminal conviction. (Stay out of trouble kids, it leads to a lot of admin when you are a grown up!) In July I will be visiting the USA for a month, travelling around, drinking, eating, partying, exploring, learning, taking photographs, and meeting people etc. I will be on my own, adventuring! Dear American Oontzers, please use this thread to help me plan my trip with suggestions of places/experiences/people/foodstuffs/swimming holes/neighbourhoods/bars/museums/whatever/
  19. I never seen Mero pop off properly on his show. Always seems like hes toned it down which is a shame.
  20. I wear shorts as soon as it gets warm enough, and I wear them til it gets too cold. I love it. I used to wear them to work every day, IDGAF what people think, I was comfy. I am talking like short chinos, smart shorts, not cargo shorts with pockets or jean shorts.
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