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  1. Jackson

    The Kid Mero

    Is there new show any good? Also who was that blonde bitch? Why do people like Donald Trump!?
  2. Hello! I finally got my visa to go to America, after 15 years of putting it off since my criminal conviction. (Stay out of trouble kids, it leads to a lot of admin when you are a grown up!) In July I will be visiting the USA for a month, travelling around, drinking, eating, partying, exploring, learning, taking photographs, and meeting people etc. I will be on my own, adventuring! Dear American Oontzers, please use this thread to help me plan my trip with suggestions of places/experiences/people/foodstuffs/swimming holes/neighbourhoods/bars/museums/whatever/wherever that you would suggest I check out. Also anyone who lives in a cool place which may be on my route, which I haven't even started planning yet, wants to grab a beer or 10, and introduce me to their fit anglophile lady pals, then lets organise that too! Because I am from London, England, I am fairly well travelled in Europe: France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, Austria, Greece, Serbia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Sweden, Morocco, and last year I went to Japan, which was fucking amazing. I enjoy travelling to less touristy, more interesting, slightly fucked up spots. I will not be visiting Disney Land, I would rather go to that truck stop in Pee Wee's Big Adventure with the dinosaurs. I want to go to Texas. I want to go to New Orleans. I want to go to Area 51. I am thinking of taking the California Zephyr. I know it is going to be hot as shit. I am coming round to the fact that I might have to take internal flights. Anyway, whaddya say?
  3. Hello. Been sleepin on my own thread. I have booked 3 nights in Chicago for the 15th-18th JULY. Recommendations please! Gonna shoot off after that to the next spot but havent chosen it yet. Thursday til Monday at wherever. Weekend wibes, party town. Ideas? Thanks!
  4. Jackson

    The Kid Mero

    Ok so I have since watched a lot lot lot of Desus and Mero clips on youtube and I really enjoy them. I am really pleased for @MEROJUANA
  5. Jackson

    How can I keep up with dank memes?

    This whole step brother thing on porn sites has led me to believe that everyone else in the world is a sick fuck.
  6. I did a quick search and there are 31 places in America called Jackson. I have made a map, and intend to hit a whole bunch of them. @Dirty_habiTThanks dude, if I make it to TX then I will certainly be hitting Austin, and will take up your kind offer my guy.
  7. Yeah its between doing one area of the country more slowly with a car road tripping or buzz around on aeroplanes going to as many places as poss. ^ Will do!
  8. God, America is so big though I am wondering how best to traverse this bitch. I only have a month.
  9. Oh fuck yeah that looks great.
  10. My new favourite four words. Dear @misteraven and @Fist 666these are both fabulous invitations, and you are very kind to offer. I am very interested in doing big countryside things, Wyoming looks amazing, and there is a place there called Jackson's Hole NH. Cowboy shit is also my vibe nh again. I would love to do Yellowstone, and go on a bit of an Ansel Adams crawl. That west coast through Oregon is lovely apparently, with great beaches, and perhaps up north will be a good place to avoid the heat of July? I am finding it hard to decide if I should do the east coast, and a bit of south like New Orleans, or go west coast Cali Mexico and Texas wibes. Wanna go to Marfa TX and drive around in those bits round there too.
  11. Yeah I have heard they are are not ageing well and a bit rough around the edges. I am not bothered by luxury accommodation, I would much rather stay somewhere cheap and low key and spend the money saved on experiences. In no particular order my preferences for things to see and do: small towns with scary locals, regional museums, art galleries, barbecue restaurants, those endless buffets I have seen they have in Vegas which serve every kind of food, places with really good light, signposted photo opportunities, Avery Island, Italian American gangsters, indie clubs, low-rent shopping malls, thrift stores, Jamaican food, if someone could advise on the best place to go watch baseball that would be great, chicken fried steak, those mexican beer cocktails with the spicy sauce in em, spicy food generally, Mexican bits of Texas, and so on and so forth. If this thread yields one golden nugget I will be happy.
  12. Jackson

    The Kid Mero

    I never seen Mero pop off properly on his show. Always seems like hes toned it down which is a shame.
  13. Jackson

    How can I keep up with dank memes?

    I wear shorts as soon as it gets warm enough, and I wear them til it gets too cold. I love it. I used to wear them to work every day, IDGAF what people think, I was comfy. I am talking like short chinos, smart shorts, not cargo shorts with pockets or jean shorts.
  14. Jackson


    Top content!
  15. Unsustainable business model.
  16. Thats why they are so fucking expensive because dude has to go out with a dog and find them, and you find like one a day.
  17. Jackson

    How to get rid of bums outside my window

    Gr8 thread. My local gang of somalian coke dealers used to stand opposite my house all night selling drugs, drinking and shouting. It used to keep me up at night a couple nights a week. I thought about smearing some really fucking ripe brie in some cutty little spots near their hangout but I never did. They were there for two summers, then the gang turf war just naturally moved them on because they are gone now.
  18. Jackson


    *From the music thread
  19. Went back three pages and dude getting his leg broke I am like oh yeah I can't trust this thread.
  20. Hi kids. Been back lurkin. Nice to see that there is a bit of community still here. Gonna do an American road trip possibly in July, so may make a thread for recommendations and see if anyone wants to grab some beers along the way.
  21. Jackson


    Smash :DDDDD
  22. I just reinstall insta when I want to browse it. Its rarely installed on my phone day to day. Do some scrolling then delete it.
  23. Jackson

    16+ anos

  24. Jackson

    post your meals photo superpooperthread!!

    I should add, the good thing about doing it with tortelloni, is that because it is fresh, the whole prep the night before only takes about 5 mins. 2 Mins to boil the water, 2 mins to cook the pasta, 1 min to assemble. This was the reason i stuck with the regime, because it was a piece of piss.