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  1. yeah id probably hate my life too if i ran home to bitch to a bunch of strangers on the internet everytime i had a bad day. losers!
  2. yeah this shit sucks balls. this dude just screams random shit out at the top of his lungs. but fuck id do it too if i got paid a buttload of money and got to bang groupie bitches nationwide so i cant hate
  3. fuck you little bitch i stay representin in my JNCOS i got the PACOs too wut wut fuck all yall pussy bitch nigga ass hoe. ay really tho, you sound like a straight bitch. i mean jncos are gay but fuck... if i seen you drinking tazo berry tea in a barnes and nobles while drawing a bunch of penguins raping squids underwater i probably would have snatched your blackbook too. the kids that took your shit were probably some little middle schoolers trying to be hard and they still made you look like a little fag. GAY
  4. where are these fools from
  5. most of these handstyles are gay.
  6. man some of those pieces are maney as fuck
  7. youve got to blow everyone in the crew
  8. most fools dont ever trip off whats goin on outside of the bus... man ive been like 4 deep on a bus drunk as fuck crushin shit with my boys and a cop seen us and drove right in front of that bitch. he hopped on and wrapped my boy. i got lucky tho, i walked right by that fool and he didnt even trip. i had a shitload of markers and weed on me too, i thought i was done. if u get too technical with that shit u can get tripped up. i just hit up on busses like i hit up anywhere else. look all around you, make sure no ones starin at u and do what u gotta do. i usually hit up just before i get off too so i dont have a shitload of tags in the area im sittin at.
  9. that fool aera is slept on his style is always on the come up.
  10. yep, the Dark Empire is raw as fuck. smitty, aider, lost...
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