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Everything posted by ASH.UGT

  1. feeling that ekos :crazy:
  2. notice how in the background theres that telephone post or sum electrical cable in the near top left corner when u look at the tunnel. just sumthing to point out. its been there for ages!
  3. them 2 characters r really good
  4. fresh update superbrew! ;)
  5. make sure ure room is ventilated nd that u have a mask on unless u want to choke to death
  6. i turned the light on randomly once when i woke up in the middle of the night. there was this badass spider mofo on the wall. so i got my nerf soft dart shooter nd blasted a dart at it. The horrible feeling was if i hadnt of turned the light on i wouldnt of seen it. :crazy:
  7. ASH.UGT

    uk wall flixs

    Kak has 2 be my top 5 writers atm. ne 1 got flick of the Radlands thing?
  8. u got a website address?
  9. ok so im thinking of making a silver/chome ink , i got my marker already, i was thinking if i sprayed sum paint into a container that wud work but i cant think of wot to add to it to make it stain. ne help chaps?
  10. does ne 1 know a website address where i can buy montana cans in bulk so i get discount? ne where in europe or united kingdom wud help. cheers boss
  11. nice update superbrew too bad revs wall was was dogged :lol:
  12. ASH.UGT

    On my travels

    so wot u rolling on?;)
  13. superbrew that flick is fresh
  14. wots with all them circular tattoo chalk stencil things going up round the city centre. who is it?
  15. yeh i think they r but not all of them
  16. Any new flicks from the weekend?
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