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Everything posted by EyeforAnEYE

  1. Re: MrChupacabra I can't believe that the first time in almost 3 years I come and read this board I have to read this thread, full of verbal diarrhea.
  2. i actually live in boston and have my whole life. Boston still sucks
  3. American Hardcore is cool, i mean, it basically shows bad brains and black flag, which is cool, but everyone knows those bands. Not very much mention of great bands from the Midwest or Texas
  4. makros aids ridden love child status
  5. Re: I'm prolly gunna wanna kill myself make your own out of dog cum and beetle dung
  6. levis vans slip ons hanes socks hanes boxers dickies hooded sweatshirt Ringworm - THERE IS NO GOD shirt
  7. Wasted Time Government Warning Cloak/Dagger Deep Sleep Modern Life Is War Formaldehyde Junkies
  8. earth crisis is an awful awful awful band, and they are playing a few shows soon. How unfortunate
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