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  1. That teaser/trailer is b/s for the following reasons: A. James Franco (Harry Osborn) will not be wearing the same suit as the green goblin, it's already been let out that he will wear make up and prosthetic's for a much closer to feel to the comic's. B.As king of hell stated, its a bunch or retouched clips from the first 2 films, and on top of it, the costume isnt black..it was grey and black, so its obviously just tinting. C. The trailer is scheduled to run with a new Will Farell film, in a few month's. NERD STATUS LIKE KNOW OTHER.
  2. Alright, this started circulating around the internet, and it is legit... so check it out, the BLACK costume.
  3. Here's the thing about this film - If you're the type of person who really feel's that character development and plot are crucial to you enjoying a horror film - SKIP THIS MOVIE. The plot is beyond weak, there is hardly a back story for the characters, and the acting is barely above b-level. With that said, if you enjoy gore and a decent soundtrack - this film's for you. Oh, and on the Gore tip - HIGH TENSION was much better.
  4. Echo and the bunnymen - Sugar Kisses.
  5. Eddie Murphy's "RAW" - end of story.
  6. I work for a Graphic and Architectural design and supply store. Prior to this i worked at a adult video store. I prefer this.
  7. I live walking distance from a IN-N-OUT and when you have friend's working there and a potential for free food on the regular, you really need to watch your self to make sure you dont over do it.I will say that the grilled cheese are awesome, but the frie's could use some serious work - which is why i almost always go for the animal style frie's - minus the grilled onion.
  8. All im saying about Miller is he really is fucking up on All Star Batman.
  9. All of you really give that much of a shit (no pun intended, but case in point) as to what people eat? The majority of you need to stick to shoving meat (be it a dick or a burger)or what ever else your "lifestyle" permits in your mouth's, as opposed to speaking about what other people should do with there's. Mr. Chup nailed it, keep your faggy diet, No matter what it may be out of other people's buisness. *Round of applause for Boogie Hands for trying it out, i apologize for the mudd butt.
  10. Still no interest to see it, but this production still look's bad ass.
  11. Trailer looks like shit. Im not a superman fan tho, and i dont believe ive ever done more then glance at the cover of one of those comic's. I have no interest in this.
  12. Its going to bomb, sadly i dont have the article on it that ran in citybeat..or maybe it was LAweekly - but long story short it was basic. layed out to show that the formatting amongst other things, as well as the low amount of listeners and users backing that company are soon going to be the downfall.
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