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  1. deep in the swamp.... wonk saggin
  2. walk around at night and look and/or break into the back of painters pick up trucks... or grow some testicles and rack
  3. over tie Quoted post [/b] kill this kid, no fucking respect
  4. yesterday was his 66th birthday
  5. bump for amaze.... one person mob
  6. 3 6 mafia - 1 martin scorcese - 0
  7. ok so lets make a new thread called the ajae fanclub/discussion roundtable.... then you guys can all talk away to your hearts content, for now just get the name out your mouths....
  8. haha nigga, i think you have a picture of my hands a few pages back...... or at least i was right there
  9. your gonna get the boot from life... so just shut the fuck up already....
  10. unless you post footage of your boy getting his ass beat and getting cac tagged on his face.... your whole crew is about to get taken out the game....
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