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  1. it was OK the intro was fantastic as everyone said the CD will be better venture brothers need to make a movie
  2. I figured, I was telling the guy who asked who played that song. have you listended to the new skinless album? is it any good?
  3. Thats Skinless Not slayer Skinless is awesom
  4. dude mams...Im going to eat you...fuck that is awesom. I used to backpack for days upi to a random spot of immence beauty, like a randopm sandy beach hidden in a massive cravas atop a mountain. then live there for a few days...live of wildlife...hang with some beavers...and Hike for days back god I loved that shit!
  5. I dont mind them to the point of not going to my favorite shows. But his description is spot on as to what would happen. Plus the kids are on my jock sometimes when they recognise me because they love my band...but then they dont stop talking to you when you are trying to watch the band trying to get some kind of "I know the guy from ----- band" cred.
  6. on point. I still might go just to see what this new show is all about. Unless the tickets are $30, then gb can go fuck themselvs
  7. red stripe is good regular beer...nothing to scream at, but its good this thread on the otherhand is not.
  8. 3 fast 3 furious that is all that needs to be said
  9. where did you "work"? and why did he treat you soo nice?
  10. I have christmas and a soulseek account if you need it bro bro, Not to mention tons of music like it. Hit me up if your interested Oh and you ALL need to scope The Ocean 12 singers and some of the sickest fucking beastly metal and hardcore ever!
  11. oooh dee I got a burn for YOU! Last week at a show I was playing I fucking stepped on a soddering knife that they were fixing mic cables with...my pinkey toe is fucked AND the blister just popped ill have a flick up soon!
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