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  1. That teaser/trailer is b/s for the following reasons: A. James Franco (Harry Osborn) will not be wearing the same suit as the green goblin, it's already been let out that he will wear make up and prosthetic's for a much closer to feel to the comic's. B.As king of hell stated, its a bunch or retouched clips from the first 2 films, and on top of it, the costume isnt black..it was grey and black, so its obviously just tinting. C. The trailer is scheduled to run with a new Will Farell film, in a few month's. NERD STATUS LIKE KNOW OTHER.
  2. Alright, this started circulating around the internet, and it is legit... so check it out, the BLACK costume.
  3. Here's the thing about this film - If you're the type of person who really feel's that character development and plot are crucial to you enjoying a horror film - SKIP THIS MOVIE. The plot is beyond weak, there is hardly a back story for the characters, and the acting is barely above b-level. With that said, if you enjoy gore and a decent soundtrack - this film's for you. Oh, and on the Gore tip - HIGH TENSION was much better.
  4. Echo and the bunnymen - Sugar Kisses.
  5. Eddie Murphy's "RAW" - end of story.
  6. I work for a Graphic and Architectural design and supply store. Prior to this i worked at a adult video store. I prefer this.
  7. I live walking distance from a IN-N-OUT and when you have friend's working there and a potential for free food on the regular, you really need to watch your self to make sure you dont over do it.I will say that the grilled cheese are awesome, but the frie's could use some serious work - which is why i almost always go for the animal style frie's - minus the grilled onion.
  8. All im saying about Miller is he really is fucking up on All Star Batman.
  9. All of you really give that much of a shit (no pun intended, but case in point) as to what people eat? The majority of you need to stick to shoving meat (be it a dick or a burger)or what ever else your "lifestyle" permits in your mouth's, as opposed to speaking about what other people should do with there's. Mr. Chup nailed it, keep your faggy diet, No matter what it may be out of other people's buisness. *Round of applause for Boogie Hands for trying it out, i apologize for the mudd butt.
  10. Still no interest to see it, but this production still look's bad ass.
  11. Trailer looks like shit. Im not a superman fan tho, and i dont believe ive ever done more then glance at the cover of one of those comic's. I have no interest in this.
  12. Its going to bomb, sadly i dont have the article on it that ran in citybeat..or maybe it was LAweekly - but long story short it was basic. layed out to show that the formatting amongst other things, as well as the low amount of listeners and users backing that company are soon going to be the downfall.
  13. Here's the deal, this girl was 14.. granted you didnt know, but as a 19 year old guy why would you want to fuck a 16 year old girl, seriously, thats what .. a sophmore in high school? You should be about a year into college, and let me tell you - that shit really doesnt boad well. Freshmen in college fucking a freshmen in highschool, not cool at all. Here's another way to think about this, That girl was TWELVE 2 year's prior. Wonderful.
  14. Alright, so i dont frequent 12oz often anymore - but i've realized that there are about 6 or 7 people who use the board who make threads that are actually worth looking into (Pmb/Mams/Fermentor/Makros/Iquit/Mero etc.) and the rest seem to just rehash the same shit over and over.. and so, in response - THE ENEMA THREAD. What exactly is an Enema you may be asking yourself. An enema (plural enemata or enemas) is the procedure of introducing liquids into the rectum and colon via the anus. Enemas can be carried out for medical reasons, as part of alternative therapies, and also for erotic purposes, particularly as part of BDSM activities. In earlier times, they were often known as clysters. Medical usage The main medical usages of enemas are: As a laxative. The patient expels feces along with the enema in the toilet after administration. Enemas may be used to relieve constipation and fecal impaction, although in many medical settings their use has been largely replaced by oral laxatives and laxative suppositories. Laxative enemas may consist of water, which works primarily as a mechanical laxative; sodium phosphate solution, which draws additional water from the bloodstream into the colon and increases the effectiveness of the enema; or mineral oil, which functions as a lubricant and stool softener. Other types of solutions are available as well. In the past soap was a common additive to enemas, but it has largely fallen out of use because of the risk of chemical-induced colitis as well as the ready availability of other enema preparations that are more effective than soap. Cleaning the lower bowel prior to a medical or surgical procedure such as sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy. Enemas used for this purpose are commonly the sodium phosphate variety. The administration of substances into the bloodstream. This may be done in situations where it is undesirable or impossible to deliver a medication by mouth, such as antiemetics given to reduce nausea (although it should be noted that not all antiemetics are delivered by enema). An enema may also be used for hydration purposes. See also route of administration. The topical administration of medications into the rectum, such as corticosteroids and mesalamine used in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease. Administration by enema avoids having the medication pass through the entire gastrointestinal tract, therefore simplifying the delivery of the medication to the affected area and limiting the amount that is absorbed into the bloodstream. A barium enema is used as a contrast substance in the radiological imaging of the bowel. Most enemas are packaged in single-use bottles that come with a nozzle attached to the top. Some enemas are administered using disposable bags connected to disposable tubing. In medical settings reusable enema equipment is now rare because of the difficulty and expense of disinfecting it. For home use disposable bottles are common, but reusable rubber or vinyl bags or enema bulbs may also be used. In former times, enemas were frequently administered using clyster syringes. In certain countries such as the United States, enema usage went well into the 20th century; it was thought a good idea to cleanse the bowel in case of fever; also, pregnant women were given enemas prior to labor so as to reduce the risk of feces being passed during contractions as well as inducing contractions. This latter usage has since been largely abandoned, in part because the health benefits are unclear and because women generally found the procedure unpleasant. Non-medical usage The paraphilia directed towards enemas is known as klismaphilia. Enemas are available as a service from many practitioners in the sex industry to cater to klismaphiliac desires, and may be used as part of BDSM activities. A small enema may be taken prior to anal sex in order to remove feces. Ritual enemas were practiced by the Maya and many other Central American and South American Indian tribes; some tribes have continued the practice to the present day. Substances used in the enemas include alcohol, tobacco, peyote, and hallucinogenic drugs. While the precise nature of the substances used by the Maya are unknown except from pictures of pots containing bubbling liquids, it is presumed these contained alcohol or other drugs. Who use's Enema's? A number of different types of people use enemas. Mainly, it seems that enema users can be classified into two different groups. Those that use enemas as a sexual stimulant (usually called Klezmomaniacs or Klezmos)Those that use enemas for health reasons (such as colonic therapy). Enemas can be administered alone or with a partner. If you are using an enema for health benefits, you might consider using it alone. If you are interested in the more sensual aspects of enemas a partner might be right for you. It might be appropriate to mention that some enema users are interested in completely different sensations than others. Enema users interested in health might be more interested in relaxing while enjoying the colonic cleansing. Klezmos or people interested in enema sex might be interested in inducing cramping as a form of domination or punishment. These groups will need to take a different approach to give or receiving an enema. Either way, enemas are an interesting thing for a number of people. Internet interest into enemas is quite high. On the search engine Goto there were more searches for "enema" last month (6585 in fact) than condom (2237), vibrator (902), orgasm (1875), diet (5929), and sexual positions (2569). It did not score as well as sex toys (7320), sex (248,140) or masturbation (9436) but it was fairly close. This leads me to believe that there are alot more enema fans than you would believe. The next time you are enjoying a colonic cleansing or are receiving an enema at the hands of your partner, you might find great comfort in knowing that there are many others like yourself. For those of you really enjoying this thread, ive included an erotic enema story found on the same website all of this was taken from. ENEMA STORY #6 - THE COLLEGE ENEMA CLUB. At one point I gave up my Pre-med education to enroll in nursing school. I was the only male in a class of 15. I hadn't quite thought of the benefits until then, but I was certainly going to enjoy them while I could. Four girls and I formed a little clique that met occasionally in the apartment of two of them. Before long the nursing arts were being practiced after hours in the apartment. In my case, this included being catheterized by the group of giggling girls. At one point I was subjected to an enema known in school as a 3-H. That is nurse-speak for High, Hot and Helluva Lot. The girls had me lie in the knee-chest potion to receive the enema with a hospital style rectal tube. While receiving the enema I got an incredibly firm erection. One of the girls asked, does this feel good to which I just moaned in pleasure. After that, I had my chance to reciprocate the 3-H procedure on the others. We used to say to one another "who's turn tonight". One night that I remember vividly involved a cheap gallon of wine. We were talking about how some patients objected to enemas. We talked about what type of distraction would cause people to enjoy the experience. In our drunken logic we decided that sexual stimulation was the way to go. We decided to perform an experiment. Being the only male I was nominated to play half of the subject group. I was given the liberty to choose my partner. I used this position of power well. I first made all of the girls strip and dance for me in a seductive manner. As each of them did a bump and grind the motions got hotter and hotter. Finally I had to choose. I chose Jen. I knew from the begining it would be her, but giving the others a chance to strut their stuff was fun. The others prepared the equipment while Jen and I watched. Two enema bags were prepared. Each was 2 quarts. Two feminine hygiene style nozzles were lubricated and inserted into Jen and I. Next, hospital tape was used to secure the tube to the back of our thigh. While Jen and I assumed the missionary position the girls opened up the clamp. The result was a wild turn on. Jen and I was making mad, wild, crazy love while the others were cheering us on. Each of us were full with solution and passion until we both exploded in orgasm. Taken from Here.
  15. Watch any of the lost interview footage and think about how fucking hard you would get rocked if you were stuck in close quarter's with bruce. Tyson has size, bruce has everything else to his advantage.
  16. This thread would be so solid if there wasnt a HEAVY amount of toys posting their own horrific hands in here.
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