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  1. Im Broke


    die. u needa go to http://www.photobucket.com and register then post the img. tags and then it will work. im being nice.
  2. people dont really exorsize anyway. the select few, but most just whore on myspace. ima go skate. ;)
  3. you can ask beavis, i get nothing but head.
  4. Ichabod chip tre mber
  5. "fuck my pussy" simple, but gets the point accross.
  6. i just came home and now i want to go kick myself in the face for watching that shit.
  7. Im Broke


    toooo many to name Great fuckin post!!!
  8. http://cosmic-collapse.com/flash/arfenhouse2.html
  9. still stuck on this... http://cosmic-collapse.com/flash/arfenhouse2.html j0'z heer
  10. word. i need a 40. its raining and i wanna watch the storm and get drunk. to tired.
  11. i need tickets to a Norma Jean show that is in like 18 days and i have no money. about to steal somehting, pawn it, get moeny, gas, and tickets to that show. umm. i hate cam'ron and the diplomats. DIPSET JEAHH
  12. i hate my ex girlfriend. she stresses me out. 3 hours, some shitty chicken, and a pack of cigarettes later... sleep
  13. PAGE 3 "balls" "meth" "meth lab" "ice" "dust" "burn one nukka"
  14. i had worse. i just got out of the "hospital" for a suicide attempt and drug rehab. my girlfriend left me. my family is aginst me, and i have a few friends still. but most of all i think im going to kill someone.
  15. my mom didnt raise a quitter
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