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  1. wow,lots of new kids in here. You should try using normal markers instead of paint pens. It will be easier for you. Outline with regular black sharpie and touch up with a fine pen to get the edges nice and crisp you're welcome
  2. i'm afraid that is just plain stupid. One liners are so fucking ugly
  3. If you want, you can send $20-$50 to my paypal account and I'll send you a shit load.
  4. Tenfold is so ill....that norm is bonkers too
  5. your letters suck.... A round of applause for those still avoiding computer rendered sketches
  6. anonymity1

    The Bible

    Are you serious? Look at those letters :yuck: Look at that handstlye :burn:
  7. If you want to learn badly enough, just get a keyboard and use your "ears" and try playing some improv off some good music.
  8. does anyone know if they sell that strawberry flavored pocky frosting by itself?
  9. Find something with white ink
  10. In Hawai'i we have "b-52" roaches. They are large and they fly.
  11. Maybe you should get some new shoes and alternate between the two, to give the other some time to breath. The smell is coming from bacteria
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