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  1. I love the right click, properties, image location action I now have to do. This weekend is the World Fair in my village, so I'll have pictures of carnies, fatties, and beasties hopefully by next week or so.
  2. The only worthwhile picture I have from that roll is just another sheep shot. Expect more baby pictures when my next 3 rolls are mailed back to me.
  3. My laptop is completely fucked, so I had to resize these on flickr, making the quality not so good. Hopefully I'll have pics with my new lenses at the end of this week.
  4. Hahaha I can do duct tape. Anything cheap is good with me. It's a minolta xg1. I've only developed about 6 rolls with it so far, and it wasn't used for a very long time so I'm still just hoping nothing goes too wrong. The battery sometimes doesn't connect, and the shutter/winder will get stuck once and a while, but other than that it seems fine. Except for the light leak of course.
  5. I don't think it popped open or anything. But that's the only roll I've shot in direct bright sunlight, so maybe it just doesn't show in lesser light. I shot a 400 roll in bright sunlight today, so I guess I'll see tomorrow if I just did something wrong with the 100 roll, or a light leak as you said. And I'm guessing I'd have to take that to a repair shop to fix it? Or just avoid bright light haha.
  6. Speaking of film, I got two more rolls developed today, with two more due tomorrow. Shit's getting expensive. Luckily I got a rewards card today haha. I shot one roll with ASA 100 and nearly all of my photos are very light on the right side of the photograph. It's especially noticeable in the dog shot. I've heard something about a light leak, but all my other rolls seem to be fine. Anyone know what the problem could be?
  7. Zeus. So when you call him you can say, Hey Zeus!
  8. GO AMERICA!!!!!!!! Is it now?
  9. ^^Huh? They really, really need to take a vote on changing their name.
  10. Milk Grenades- If I'm able to get my old prescription from Japan I will definitely get my contacts from the internet so thanks for all the discount links and info. I use the Oasys so I'll try to follow your instructions exactly. ink face- The closest place is 112 miles away from my place so I don't think I'll be going, but I'll check out the online store since it seems pretty cheap. none- my eyes are already shit: -5.50 and -5.75. I don't know what that means in contacts, but in glasses it means almost coke bottle bottom glasses. I also have slight double vision, not enough to mess me up. I never went cheap on the lenses themselves, but that's a huge increase in price for me. Thanks for all the help! Now maybe I won't have to plant a bomb in every eye doctor's office. Edit: I'm also 24'd.
  11. Site for Sore Eyes seems to only be in cali. 180?? That's crazy. All they do is make you look into that thing with the hot air balloon and it'll automatically adjust. And like every other trip you'll actually get your eyes checked out by a doctor. And it was still less than 20 when I saw him. I'm about to become a terrorist because of this. Or move.
  12. I've been calling around eye care places and the lowest I've found is about $120. Walmart was even $134. What the fuck? I was halfway illegal in Japan, with absolutely no health insurance, went to a very nice place, and the test was less than $20. What the fuck america? Does anyone go somewhere cheap that might be in New England?
  13. Did anyone actually read some of that? Whoever wrote that has some serious problems.
  14. Why is everything on video now? Give me something to read damn it.
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