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  1. nah, youre not paranoid. most people are just tatertarded
  2. i guess in the grand scheme of things, its not much different than us being on this forum for years and posting about whatever. instagram is kind of like every screen name having their own thread. its pretty much a double edged sword
  3. bless you folks still sharing your benches for this deadass site here. you will be awarded in the afterlife
  4. thats completely fair. regarding instagram, i mean beacause this shit is dead. if you enjoy the account i wouldnt just delete it fuck skeeters. theyre worse than zika babies
  5. think so. dont know if oontz merch is worth moneys but people most likely just collect them for nostalgias sake. the zines, i mean maybe they still make stickers and shit, i dont even go to the front page. the forum just needs to come back, then all that will work out
  6. damn been to a prison museum before but not an art show... this is better
  7. i also hate fidget spinners. dont know how you feel about those
  8. false, because i dont know who that is and what theyve done tpbm is a gigolo
  9. scratching my chin and balls in deep thought
  10. the nutella one... they say no good deed goes unpunished she could still get it
  11. do people ever ask for fossils at your shop?
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