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  1. i believe mine was on freudian psychology and shaespeare,but dont hold me to that
  2. ya i ruined that 5 figure drawing with one swoop of the hand and a cupfull of ink 9 hours into it. gay. anyway im sure ill have more soon, maybe even some sculpture.
  3. i fucked up only once and ruined something that was great. still trying to patch it together but its never going to be the same
  4. congrats on the show sabe. hopefully ill post more when im not sooooo backed up with work. busy busy busy
  5. i know its small im to lazy to repost it elsewhere
  6. friday saturday draw then finish whatever booze is left over sunday study
  7. wow... how the hell? Quoted post http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=82...5&q=chris+bliss damn, Burn. that dude does 5 balls. Quoted post [/b] guy has no rythem and hes biting chris bliss's idea :scowl:
  8. god way to many favorite painter cezanne favorite sculptor rodin favorite draftsmen gotta be my boy mike your all sleeping on the classics and talking about modern crap. whoever said they liked rouchenburg deserves to get shot in the face.
  9. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=47...0&q=chris+bliss this guy is fucking amazing.


    galkyd or dry brush. dont waste your time with acrylic its trash
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