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  1. The thing about the Duke situation is have you really ever met a stripper that wouldn't sleep with you for enough cash? Every time I've been to the strip club women have asked (for fees varying from $100 - $500) to take me "upstairs" in a "private room" in the "champagne room" etc. One went so far as to suggest that there were beds upstairs that were for "special attention." And I'm not the best looking or most hygenic dude in the world. I'm not saying it's impossible that the stripper was raped, all I'm saying is kids who play lacrosse have enough money to have bought it.
  2. You should deconstruct something. If I had the time I'd seriously consider deconstructing Mein Kampf to prove the thesis that Hitler was racist against Jews. It pokes fun at postmodernism in a very post-modern way. And if you wanted to get it published, if there is any intellectual validity to it you could relatively easily.
  3. I don't get how that was an 'ass hat' comment? I'm sorry if I've offended you. Mine was on Jewish Immigration in the early development of Seattle. It was shit, complete shit, and I got an A.
  4. Ahhh the good ol' days. It might be good to know what you study. Of general interest, Deconstructing Mein Kampf (a small but sorely missing piece in the hoax that is postmodernism) A Comparison of the Cold War and the War on Terror (You could call it fighting the invisible enemy) A historical perspective on aesthetic preference Crack cocaine The death of Mulholland Drive as a drag racing mecca. Comparing how hip hop is similar to rock n' roll in that it stole money from black people...
  5. Lotto is not a fair game (mathematically speaking). So unless this is for a highschool math project, that's all you need. Note that it is less chance than a golfer being struck by lightning while hitting a hole in one.
  6. Breaking bottles over other girls' heads shows character. I say go for it. I also say I was expecting this thread to have pictures and am severely disappointed. Also, whoever created the song 'I'm in Love with a Stripper' should be buried alive in a landfill and forced to listen to Abba's greatest hit's on repeat for 46 hours before they are unburied and shot in the face... Thank you...
  7. Milton


    I started with a scooter, it helps you figure out how to balance on 2 wheels. I took it up to 75 on the Vegas strip. Once you figure that out start with a small (250-600cc) street bike or a dirt bike. I tried to learn on a 1200 Goldwing, it was trouble, I laid it down within 30 seconds. I didn't know those things could wheelie, but they can... After I picked it back up and figured out how to use the clutch it wasn't so bad. It makes even the 900 seem tiny. But ya, start with a small street bike, figure out how the clutch works and be careful, let the clutch off slow and don't rev the mot
  8. Milton


    Fuzzy, the bike isn't pink, it's purple. Also, remind me again, who in the world are you? Go post in Paper Chase or something. The bike was owned by a priest, so dissing it is pretty much like dissing God himself. That Chopper Kit looks nice! I might do that and just paint it myself. I haven't really figured everything out. No idea what kind of rake I'm going with, but that one looks close, maybe I'll do a little closer to the stock set-up though.. There are some sites that have frame plans online for chopper frames, you just change them up to fit the engine mounts, etc. But that
  9. Milton


    Not really, it's a lot like riding a very large, very fast bicycle... Thanks everyone, I'm excited. The bike was $900, which I think is decent for the shape it's in and the priest only got it up to 38k which is good... It sounds very "motorcycley" but in a japanese way, it doesn't rattle as much as a harley, but it's got a nice throaty exhaust note. Picture Nina Simone with a very bad cold. I'm not exactly sure what the budget for chopping and painting is. If everything goes as planned I'll do it myself at my buddy's body shop. Right now the plan is to do it a black pear
  10. Milton


    1981 Honda CB900 Custom... Bought it from a German dude who got it from a priest. It's a little old which is good because I'm still new and already almost dropped it. The engine is a fucking beast (inline 4) with 10 gears (5 hi and 5 lo) a shaft drive and a top speed of around 150. The picture is the only one I have from the add on Craigslist... Over the Summer it's going to be rebuilt, chopped, repainted and ridden from LA to Seattle and back... Milton (HardXXXCore Biker Dude Oner!)
  11. I love the black Vans... Nice Work...
  12. I'm definitely trying to find a studio with exposed brick. Shit is so fucking hip. Especially if you put vintage movie posters on it. Meanwhile, just in case I'm not hip enough, I'm impulse buying a motorcycle that was "almost in Pulp Fiction..." [+10 hipster points -- I'll buy some dress shirts and slacks to compensate.]
  13. My neighbor used to pull that shit. Some things to consider: Ivory snow in hot tubs, fountains, anything else with moving water. Go to pornstore get "heavy rubber" "latex lovers" and other very strange Fetish Magazines, fill out subscription, send in cash. Switch the wires in the call box at front door. Switch the wires in the elevator. Set off smoke detectors frequently. Have "loud parties" with two-to-three friends dress appropriately and be playing a board game and classical piano music when security gets there. Yell random shit in the middle of the
  14. I'm part Jewish... Can I at least get some beers or a black and mild?
  15. Some rappers have class... Go ahead, name 'em... My own new-found favorite
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