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  1. Pretty much...is the fact they're famous supposed to make it different then when John Smith down the street does it? You know what, if you're a person with absolutely no friends or family, and no responsibilites to anyone in life but yourself (not even a dog) then go ahead and kill yourself, more power to you. Otherwise, fuck you, selfish muthafucka
  2. He is...but this thread won't be ruined with his faggotry. WE WANT INCEST DAMNIT
  3. I saw pretty much the whole Army Of The Pharoahs for 15 bucks last year...that was fuckin great
  4. We way too whodie for page 2 WHODIE WHOOOOOO
  5. Where can I cop one of those alife shirts with the krink drips? Stupid fresh
  6. This is the stupidest shit I've ever heard...as insensitive as I'm gunna sound, suicide is for pussies.
  7. Hasn't been a handsome couple of days...here's a bump hopin that shit gets at least slightly better
  8. It should be about time...porkchop where you at homie?
  9. :haha: Best thread change ever
  10. Haha yeah, RI water is always freezin
  11. You're a fool for passing this up. Good find on the records
  12. I lost my virginity when I was 15 and the girl was 15. She was already quite experienced at this point anyways, we weren't doin anythin strange. Fuckin prosecutors are just douchebags I guess
  13. Nah Ok I just did...and while slightly strange, still doesn't really explain it
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