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  1. johnny ballbags

    Mass Blackbook

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  3. johnny ballbags

    Photoshop Thread

    that was literally the first project i had ever done.....prolly about 8 years ago.....i got into & learned PS while doing that project.... it was rereleased lrecently & i did the cover for the re-release....if i can find the new cover i will post it... orange.....
  4. johnny ballbags

    Photoshop Thread

    a bunch of old ass album covers/inserts/cd's..... havent done an album ina while..... been doin a bunch of twitter backgrounds, logos, & most recently a shit ton of tee shirt designs with some serious financial backing..... will post the designs when they are ready to release em....
  5. johnny ballbags

    Photoshop Thread

    the shading on the tree trunk needs work.....
  6. johnny ballbags


    how did you make the wet wrinkly lookin texture over the whole piece?
  7. johnny ballbags

    Photoshop Thread

  8. johnny ballbags

    Your Art Thread

    i hear where you're coming from haya..... very much diggin the pilot roots painting, s.w........
  9. johnny ballbags

    Your Art Thread

    haya..... that shits really fresh..... if i had any crits at all i would eff with a dark background so the contrast could allow the focus to pop...
  10. johnny ballbags

    Photoshop Thread

    yeah man..... having a project to complete is definitely the best way to learn.... give yourself 'assignments' and complete them..... any 'how to' book or even formal classes basically work the same way.... also just open a jpg of a photo and just fuck w all the tools 1 by 1 to get a feel for what they all do... look at other peoples work that youre into and try to break down how they did it and recreate it..... start small..... dont overwhelm yourself.... it seems like theres a ton of shit to learn but you will eventually pick your fav 5 or 6 tools and only use the other here and there...... almost every PS newbie gets filter happy as a phase, but you will grow out of that quick (if you even hit that phase), especially knowing how much raw talent you have, B....... one spot i frequented for a time for tips, tricks, and tuts is creativebits.org ....... i cant recall an other specific ones right now, but i will post any that come to mind.... i spent/spend a shit ton of time just googling specific tuts based on any project im working on..... theres really no substitute for burying your nose in your keyboard for 8 hours at a time when it comes to learning PS (or any design s/w for that matter)....its a matter of dedication and reps...theres no secret formula...... i have wasted more hours than i care to think of just staring at other peoples shit.... shiniybinary.com is a pretty fresh site that always inspires me..... also check out brianlife.com for some fresh work..... if youre really tryina get serious with it i would look into a wacom tablet..... i have a 9" x 12" intuos that i could not live without..... ...../more buzzy rambling.... //JB
  11. johnny ballbags

    Photoshop Thread

    honestly... just play around with it to get familiar with the tools.... google some tutorials and follow them to help you learn the basics (thats all school is anyway)..... i taught myself how to use it with ver 6 or 7 while designing a friends cd cover about 10 yrs ago.... it took me 3 weeks and i could probably do the entire thing in less than an hour now.... one of the best ways to get faster/more efficient with it is keyboard shortcuts..... almost every tool and/or function has one, plus you can customize em (under the 'edit' menu).... a lot of the photo editing shit youre askin about is under the image>adjustments menu..... i would suggest making a duplicate layer (ctrl+j) of the original before you start editting so you dont have to undo (ctrl+z) every edit to get back to where you started... as far as photo editing specifics im not the one to ask b/c most of what i do with PS is from scratch..... im kinda buzzy right now so i prolly just rambled on and didnt say much, but i have had my head buried in PS for a while now so if there are any questions i might be able to answer just ask..... -JB
  12. johnny ballbags

    text into shapes?

    i know adobe page makr does...... but its been almost a decade since they released a new version....
  13. johnny ballbags

    text into shapes?

    create/outline a shape in AI or PS and with the shape selected use "paste into" (obviously copying your text from another source/layer first)......... text will fill in your shape........ im rusty as hell b/c i havent used a lot of text in any designs for quite a while, but im pretty sure im right or close to it....... too lazy/busy to test my theory at the moment.....
  14. johnny ballbags

    Daily Sketch Thread.

  15. johnny ballbags