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  1. WOAH! A post that isn't dudes indescriminitely saying their friends names in caps! Wow! Game gets up... by Receiverson, on Flickr Takerson by Receiverson, on Flickr Miro by Receiverson, on Flickr Earn. by Receiverson, on Flickr Task by Receiverson, on Flickr Nero by Receiverson, on Flickr Estilo by Receiverson, on Flickr Vims by Receiverson, on Flickr Send by Receiverson, on Flickr Purse snatching advice by Receiverson, on Flickr
  2. That thin S to H connector just made me shit my pants, seriously try to paint three lines that close and clean.
  3. Just to clarify what I'm looking at, that's backwards, right?
  4. Ha, do you get your spots back from "Kimmy<3Joey", swastika and dicks?
  5. Was like two years ago. It's obnoxious beefing with dudes who paint with dudes you paint with.
  6. Just realized that tone says "Buff me". His piece was ragged. That send was up for 2 days.
  7. RONE AOS MUTE MC TELL Name swap, down.
  8. ^That one? Only a few people know about that spot, you're really scouring the area.
  9. Bored, anyone for a name swap, 1 color only, for sake of letters and style?
  10. The team xiii bridge spot? I painted there like... 4 winters ago and it was brutally cold haha.
  11. Anyone know where to find any recent Mesto or Gauze flicks?
  12. His cleanliness is proof he has the reciprocal disease of Parkinson's.
  13. Big ups to the cocksuck that stole my car tonight in the north end tobight, hope ya die slow, scumbag.
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