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  1. I hate new england winters. that shit is for the birds. I was talking about that shit with the homie perve last night then I made fun of his accent.
  2. crooked is nice..I remember when he first came out (no..this is gettin stupid) he needs to get some decent producers though. Those hip hop weekly joints he been dropping for the last decade are getting tired.
  3. I couldn't imagine hanging out with the nigga wayne, he would definitely "try" you and judging from his interviews he's an arrogant asshole on top of all that so you'd have to woop the niggas ass and then he'd probably try to drug you or some shit if you didn't cooperate. you know what, no homo on that whole last paragraph
  4. Joell Ortiz is an overated nigga. smh@ niggas comparing him to Pun. I like him alright though, no hate i dl'd the cd.
  5. wait mang, what you mean by "prolific" nobody's arguing that the nigga ain't prolific. all that means is that he done put in work. Shit if I sold 10 p's to 20 whiteboys in under 4 hours. I would be prolific, that doesn't neccessarily mean i'm the best though.
  6. "if she don't give head she a nimrod I will never save her name on my sim card" ha, shit like that makes me smile though. BTW that nigga need to be smacked comparing himself to Malcolm thats like Khumar comparing himself to Ghandi.
  7. ha, Lil Wayne ain't gon' be dropping no immortal tech-like gems no time soon. it is what it is. Trilly, though he is like the only entertainer that even mentions the katrina shit in there songs anymore, for what that's worth.
  8. true, I know a lot of stupid niggas with degrees. Shit the smartest nigga I know has like 3 felonies and a GED. That nigga is like a walking encyclopedea, just not the best decision maker.
  9. haha, I can date a non crazy non alcoholic bitch. Wait does soulmate mean y'all have shit in common. Cuz then she would have to be crazy and alcoholic.
  10. whatup with the vip membership. What does that get you, Krink or some shit? Someone elighten me.
  11. ha, I made songs like that for years. See where it got me, posting on 12oz. smh
  12. yeah I feel you. I don't think that immortal tech, etc couldn't ever be on the radio. But I definitely think the machine the industry has built up to support itself over the years definitely makes it a lot harder for niggas with anything to say to get heard. And yeah, the nigga cam is hi-larious. "I gave her the sanchez, yes the dirty one".
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