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  1. not enough asian girls on that site though
  2. its means.. uh uhm i dunno what it means but.... huh? there is a torrent for suicide girl pictures someplace http://www.mininova.org/tor/902832 http://www.bittorrenttopsites.com/search.php?keywords=suicide+girls http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3717817/Suicide_Girls_-_Mega_Pack_%5B18Jun2007%5D suicide girls was cool a minute ago but the whole edgy thing got old quick...not that they dont hold it down but its the internet and well ... you know
  3. DAMMIT you beat me cause i couldnt spell my screename for shit........boooo p.s boooooo
  4. faygo = holy water spraying fans with faygo at shows = baptism without their knowing it
  5. so...... on monday i'm gonna go see atmosphere..
  6. aaaaaaaaaahaaaaahaaa 360 did start this thread.. dunno what happened in the bumping of the thread did you click post new thread?
  7. i think its black out posse i imagine it has something to do with booze and glik0 raping your passed out body why anybody would want to get in with a crew like that is beyond me
  8. needs more hot pink.. and a little adjustment to the 3d in the I and E.. the vanishing point is skewed and split into two conlficting ones. other than that try making the R more refind as a lower case.. i thought it was a T at first.. good stuff.. but lay off the paint pens.. if you must ..use gel markers to get an idea of layer properties oh and there shouldnt be 3d in the D at all.. try a lower case D...unless its a P.... try movinng the loop placement of the first letter so you dont have overlapping... or tighten the loop of the D so its smaller
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