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  1. Quoted my first two liquor catering / bartending gigs Got metal sign made for the front of our bar from $800 less than I was originally quoted, Rebuilt the website I made (shout out to KRTong on the mic! I forgot what his name was on here if it was that but he showed me how navigate wordpress again so I didnt have to spend thousands) Did a photoshoot to create actual content for the damn site fuck paying $500 I did that shit with a tripod and a remote! Borrowed my buddies drone made promo videos for our business for more dynamic content Made thai fuckin spare rips Today 3 young out of state dudes got a flat tire at my local gas station and had no clue how to change a flat. All the rich old people in my town looked the other way I walked over and fixed their flat for them and showed them how to do it. They offered to give me money I said absolutely not bill and ted it out and Be Excellent To Each Other. Wild stallions bro google it... Its been an insane weekend...I am also the owner of an entire Home Goods store...
  2. Chopped the top side off my 74 VW Bus so I can turn into a bar for my business. Fuck Im old I cant believe this site is even around still!
  3. Couple shots from early sunday morning during the warm ups. I get all the photos in 2 weeks hopefully I am a lot lower!!!!!
  4. Dood I just saw it pop up on my facebook feed I cant find you on FB. I would gladly do a East Coast thing with/for you. Theres a 400 mile Max BMW ride and a Air Museum Bike show saturday I'm participating in. FYI just purchased the AGV Corsa helmet yesterday boom. Hit me up suckah!
  5. Autocross shoot this weekend. I've never been involved but its like "Drive your mom's car down and take her for a spin around these cones!"
  6. First its an ABBA stand from the UK good for jap bikes shitty for my bike because there are covers on all the mounting points. It is an awesome stand for storing and working on your bike tho def the best out there. I got it used for like $125 shipped but they're pretty pricey. http://www.abbastands.co.uk/ Second fuck all the other shit you said how the fuck did you get to write for ride apart I just found your blog using my keen interwebz snooping skillz lernt from all these years of lurking channel zero. I wanna write for them I have a photography studio, ride way more than everyone around here, go to all the motorcycling events doing photography, can get apparel for cost which will allow me to review shit cheap AND I already two of my own websites!!! Dammit thats my dream jarb! I HATE YOU! FYI buy a tshirt... http://www.hartford-press.com Oh and hire me to take pics of ur weddings and stuff...
  7. My dad got a job at a local BMW Motorcycle dealership this month. Parts at cost 50% off all apparel. I've run out of performance mods that are available until I feel like getting new pistons which run like $1700 highly doubt I'll ever get there. So this year is for gear! Picking up heated jacket/pants liner just got a RevIt Tarmac jacket that fits my pants and I am hopefully getting a AGV Corsa helmet to replace my beat ass scorpion one from years ago. I go to my first track day on monday April 28th! Will definately have pics there!! Until then here some pic's of my new engine guards & carbon! Useless but preeeeetty... Soup ad me on FB!
  8. SV650 VFR Rear and 949 Front end?! Dopeness...
  9. Long story short that picture says it all. Bashed in tank under inflated tires you wear barely any gear yet you have a back protector enjoy bleeding out in a crash. You're bikes shocks are fried you add weight to it with the bullshit cage and you're rear hand brake set up is also bullshit. You rev the piss out of your bikes burn your tires off because you want people to look at you. Your mother didn't kiss and hug you enough as a child. Your culture is the reason why my insurance rates are so high...GTFO... We assume you cant ride because what you do doesn't take much skill or balls. You slap a big sprocket on and wheelie in a parking lot till you get good then hit the highway and put other peoples lives at risk. Good job. We put these bikes on a track because that is where they belong. What we do takes skill and appreciation of why these bikes were made this way. If you want respect buy a trials bike and do what you do. Otherwise learn about motorcycling and use the bike for what it was built for.
  10. Agreed... Here this what I am fighting the urge to get... Honda Hawk race bike. There is a track opening this summer 1 hour away from me. So much wannnnt http://newhaven.craigslist.org/mcy/4200337277.html
  11. Gyro on the tank is soooo awesome wanting so hard...
  12. Soup that's sick. Gotta love the Hayden replicas good form too man! It's 12* here in CT no riding for the next 4 months probably. I hate living here I can barely ride compare to you guys... I move into a house with a 2 car garage in a month. Complete break down of the BMW will be in the works for no reason except boredom...
  13. I now have absolutely no interest in ever going to china, learning about chinese culture or eating any type of chinese food ever again.
  14. Lucky I barely rode after getting my dog. I just took a trip up to VT/Canada border 40mph the whole way people looking at leaves. Then this past weekend was the last nice weekend temp wise and I mess my foot up so I cant ride... Seek I am jealous I need to ship my bike out to Cali for a week or two and just ride the whole time... I gotta get out of New England...
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