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  1. Fam I'm on the first row of this shirt1??!?!?!?! Is there any left?! Can you take my money1?!?!?!?!
  2. Here’s the VW bus trailer...rusted the eff out no floor inside it’s going to be a huge rebuild I’ll post more progress soon. I am making two videos for the business. I learned how to do editing in Adobe premier over covid. I’ll share them when they’re done they’re awkward and ridiculous but fuck it gotta do it.
  3. Y'all can hate but I work for the brewery...
  4. I will be towing it all around CT but it still runs and drives well. I took the engine and gas tank out to keep it safe when chopping welding and sanding stuff. Yea I got my liquor license and insurance all that. We can order from distributors do open bar, cash bar whatever we're hired to do in CT. This will hopefully be my GF's company she runs and I'll just do the heavy lifting. Its hard time to get off the ground right now even with our other bar with covid. Im reaching out to call apple orchards and pumpkin patches to serve cocktails there for the season. The plan is to use th
  5. Yea I’m turning it into a mobile bar.
  6. Had to weld up a stand for a drop in ice cooler I got for $100 never been used its $400+ from the store so not a terrible score. Only problem is the fit is so tight it wont come out...
  7. Quoted my first two liquor catering / bartending gigs Got metal sign made for the front of our bar from $800 less than I was originally quoted, Rebuilt the website I made (shout out to KRTong on the mic! I forgot what his name was on here if it was that but he showed me how navigate wordpress again so I didnt have to spend thousands) Did a photoshoot to create actual content for the damn site fuck paying $500 I did that shit with a tripod and a remote! Borrowed my buddies drone made promo videos for our business for more dynamic content Made thai fuckin spare r
  8. Chopped the top side off my 74 VW Bus so I can turn into a bar for my business. Fuck Im old I cant believe this site is even around still!
  9. Couple shots from early sunday morning during the warm ups. I get all the photos in 2 weeks hopefully I am a lot lower!!!!!
  10. Dood I just saw it pop up on my facebook feed I cant find you on FB. I would gladly do a East Coast thing with/for you. Theres a 400 mile Max BMW ride and a Air Museum Bike show saturday I'm participating in. FYI just purchased the AGV Corsa helmet yesterday boom. Hit me up suckah!
  11. Autocross shoot this weekend. I've never been involved but its like "Drive your mom's car down and take her for a spin around these cones!"
  12. First its an ABBA stand from the UK good for jap bikes shitty for my bike because there are covers on all the mounting points. It is an awesome stand for storing and working on your bike tho def the best out there. I got it used for like $125 shipped but they're pretty pricey. http://www.abbastands.co.uk/ Second fuck all the other shit you said how the fuck did you get to write for ride apart I just found your blog using my keen interwebz snooping skillz lernt from all these years of lurking channel zero. I wanna write for them I have a photography studio, ride way more than ever
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