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  1. Sweet Water call up get an account exec you always go to and then they you can request discounts. They get pretty decent too!
  3. Got the engine back in the bus and got it running decent. Got the vinyl cutter cruising with some good settings to do our menus. Our tow truck and trailer worked ok after spending $2000 on getting my trucks frame rewelded. I think I need to do the brakes on all of them now and the new exhaust for the tow truck wasn’t the right one for my truck it’s misfiring because there’s no exhaust on it right now. My trailer brakes aren’t even hooked up they’re just dragging a little. We made the hour long trip anyways and people went nuts for it. Girls guys old people young people asking questions getting compliments on all our hard work and on the cocktails. Felt so rewarding it was amazing. I can’t wait to start the BMW Bar Bike sidecar build now.
  4. Well I finally got the bus outside engine is def going back which I didn’t want to do but I can’t push this thing around. I think my next upgrade maybe winter 2022 will be like a golf cart size motor EV swap so I don’t have to deal with potential fires in the engine bay from gas leaks but I can still move it a couple hundred feet. Anyways posted it on FB then boosted it got tons of likes shares and feedback def more quotes going out than I thought which is good. Also picked up a vinyl cutter so we can do our menu board and all our signage and those custom acrylic signs girls are buying for all their weddings. here’s the pics…
  5. Up from 6am till 2am getting this thing painted and clear coated. Holy shit...it was a long fuckin day but it looks insane. I got emotional; it was a a fuckin crazy year of learning. How to build a website from scratch, how to do videography, how to navigate paying taxes on my business, learning how to weld, learning how to do body work, how to manage money, learning how to do these bartending gigs and keep everything high quality, how to keep my gf from breaking down because she had no clue if it was gonna work, spending all our money and if I could do all the things I was trying to do for the first time. Everything with our growth and gaining financial independence is based around this damn bus. For the last year it has been the center of happiness and frustration. Its here its painted the hard part is done. Now I need to put it all back together and get this bitch makin us money. We got a 4 gigs this month 3 with the bus for the first time, then a stylized photoshoot in June with some clothing line. Once this is all together we are going to be working our asses off till the season ends in like Oct I can feel it. Hopefully not working for anyone but myself next year. Had to get it down fill pinholes, resand , reprime, rewetsand again to get it back to here: Got the white on top Pull all the tape off. Garage lights make the white look more yellow here but outside the shit pops I'll post pics when I get this girl all together.
  6. Nice work man! We got close to painting the bus this weekend but some finishing putty was faulty and kept shrinking. Got a lot of the white and some clean on pieces. Next weekend it will be finished and it'll be time to put her together. We got photoshoots and gigs on deck so we gotta move! Fixing this kind of stuff last weekend Doors all back on.
  7. Last min dinner for my gf, her mom and her new bf... oh hey moms coming for dinner can you cook?! Then I drank enough buffalo trace to black out...
  8. Redoing a cast iron chair for my neighbor so he'll make a bar for my bus... Then got black out drunk for the first time in years after making cornish game hens...
  9. Well I Paula Abdul'd tuesday and took 2 steps forward and then more than 2 back... Had a guy come and blast the whole bus to speed the process. Did the floors too it was amazing 2.5 hours the whole bus was done. Just being one person it took me a while to get set up and prime it. I was rushing because it was starting to get humid I think I stopped mixing the epoxy well enough when I got to the roof and the floor and rust started to bleed through in spots. Kept rushing on the roof and side door and had to store them in my enclosure which is just a sweat box I found out so those need to be redone too. I am hoping I can just get the rusty areas done and be good but who knows I threw $900 out the door and now am selling everything I can to get money to have one company do the blasting, primer and paint all at once... Good news though they opened some gastropark that wants us to come serve they dont have a liquor license and are getting bartending services to come in so we have an opportunity to make a little cash anyways.
  10. Fam I'm on the first row of this shirt1??!?!?!?! Is there any left?! Can you take my money1?!?!?!?!
  11. Here’s the VW bus trailer...rusted the eff out no floor inside it’s going to be a huge rebuild I’ll post more progress soon. I am making two videos for the business. I learned how to do editing in Adobe premier over covid. I’ll share them when they’re done they’re awkward and ridiculous but fuck it gotta do it.
  12. Y'all can hate but I work for the brewery...
  13. I will be towing it all around CT but it still runs and drives well. I took the engine and gas tank out to keep it safe when chopping welding and sanding stuff. Yea I got my liquor license and insurance all that. We can order from distributors do open bar, cash bar whatever we're hired to do in CT. This will hopefully be my GF's company she runs and I'll just do the heavy lifting. Its hard time to get off the ground right now even with our other bar with covid. Im reaching out to call apple orchards and pumpkin patches to serve cocktails there for the season. The plan is to use the bar for service, weddings, parties, liquor & beer brand activations, company events etc. I am putting a 70" TV in the roof that I can take in and out to replace with chalkboards if people dont need video or want to throw their logos or whatever. I also have a photobooth we're going to build into the back hatch of the bus as an option this year. I bought a rusted out VW bus trailer that was made out of 2 busses that will house a bigger cooler photobooth trailer for 2021/22. I have a pro sound system and can DJ so we got a whole event services company we're building right now...if covid doesn't destroy my entire financial future like its slowly doing haha! Another 2021/22 goal is taking a 1974 BMW R90/6 I have and building a side car rig with a top load fridge that I can make look vintage possibly welding on a 50's car wing or something on the side to make it look cool and put a 3 log draft system on the side car to do beer wine and maybe 1 cocktail on draft for people who want something diff... I'll get better on posting here I miss 12oz.
  14. Yea I’m turning it into a mobile bar.
  15. Had to weld up a stand for a drop in ice cooler I got for $100 never been used its $400+ from the store so not a terrible score. Only problem is the fit is so tight it wont come out...
  16. Quoted my first two liquor catering / bartending gigs Got metal sign made for the front of our bar from $800 less than I was originally quoted, Rebuilt the website I made (shout out to KRTong on the mic! I forgot what his name was on here if it was that but he showed me how navigate wordpress again so I didnt have to spend thousands) Did a photoshoot to create actual content for the damn site fuck paying $500 I did that shit with a tripod and a remote! Borrowed my buddies drone made promo videos for our business for more dynamic content Made thai fuckin spare rips Today 3 young out of state dudes got a flat tire at my local gas station and had no clue how to change a flat. All the rich old people in my town looked the other way I walked over and fixed their flat for them and showed them how to do it. They offered to give me money I said absolutely not bill and ted it out and Be Excellent To Each Other. Wild stallions bro google it... Its been an insane weekend...I am also the owner of an entire Home Goods store...
  17. Chopped the top side off my 74 VW Bus so I can turn into a bar for my business. Fuck Im old I cant believe this site is even around still!
  18. Couple shots from early sunday morning during the warm ups. I get all the photos in 2 weeks hopefully I am a lot lower!!!!!
  19. Dood I just saw it pop up on my facebook feed I cant find you on FB. I would gladly do a East Coast thing with/for you. Theres a 400 mile Max BMW ride and a Air Museum Bike show saturday I'm participating in. FYI just purchased the AGV Corsa helmet yesterday boom. Hit me up suckah!
  20. Autocross shoot this weekend. I've never been involved but its like "Drive your mom's car down and take her for a spin around these cones!"
  21. First its an ABBA stand from the UK good for jap bikes shitty for my bike because there are covers on all the mounting points. It is an awesome stand for storing and working on your bike tho def the best out there. I got it used for like $125 shipped but they're pretty pricey. http://www.abbastands.co.uk/ Second fuck all the other shit you said how the fuck did you get to write for ride apart I just found your blog using my keen interwebz snooping skillz lernt from all these years of lurking channel zero. I wanna write for them I have a photography studio, ride way more than everyone around here, go to all the motorcycling events doing photography, can get apparel for cost which will allow me to review shit cheap AND I already two of my own websites!!! Dammit thats my dream jarb! I HATE YOU! FYI buy a tshirt... http://www.hartford-press.com Oh and hire me to take pics of ur weddings and stuff...
  22. My dad got a job at a local BMW Motorcycle dealership this month. Parts at cost 50% off all apparel. I've run out of performance mods that are available until I feel like getting new pistons which run like $1700 highly doubt I'll ever get there. So this year is for gear! Picking up heated jacket/pants liner just got a RevIt Tarmac jacket that fits my pants and I am hopefully getting a AGV Corsa helmet to replace my beat ass scorpion one from years ago. I go to my first track day on monday April 28th! Will definately have pics there!! Until then here some pic's of my new engine guards & carbon! Useless but preeeeetty... Soup ad me on FB!
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