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  1. Lucky Jeans Hollister shirt with some stupid fucking saying (gift from an ex girlfriend.) white/grey haynes socks VERY old element baseball cap (so old it smells like rot.) about to change for the gym.
  2. The Giving Tree was told his girlfriend was cheating on him and severed. Fuck a valentine's day, but I've got a date with her best friend... and she slept over last night. Women are cold hearted beasts... everyone but mes3 that is..
  3. it's just that i've been playing in illustrator and the mouse feels very counter-intuitive. I hardly ever get the stroke i want, it seems to "hang up" in sections, and ultimately feels awkward. Similar to Dalek (i know, i know) i want to be able to replicate my work in illustrator for re-printing purposes, and exploring a digital media. The mouse just seems like a bad choice. Could it be my mouse is just a cheap piece of crap, or am i just too impatient to learn the craft?
  4. how many of you use tablets to draw in illustrator or other programs? I'm considering investing in a Wacom Intuos 3 9x12 tablet and getting into more digital drawing and such... so I'm just curious if anyone uses tablets and or likes them.... I think I'd be much more capable with a "pen" tool than a mouse, as I am simply more inclined to draw acurately with a pen/pencil type utencil. any ideas or suggestions? feel free to pm me as well.
  5. you've been replying for 10 minutes, give up.
  6. I work in a morgue. I help harvest the freshies for organs, bones, anything donated. I do have a different view than you, I respect the dead and their right to peace. Wayne County Morgue, feel free to come visit me. Detroit, Michigan. We're right near the Detroit Med. Center. and to correct your bullshit, bones don't have rigamortis set in, the muscles do. you wouldn't be breaking bones, you break the tendons/muscle tissues. And why do you "scoop brains" for post-morts? Most autopsies don't even do open head work, unless there is evedence of trauma. and give up on the graff.
  7. ^ That is hands down the most stupid fucking shit I've ever seen, and I encourage anyone who knows this individual to beat them until they stop breathing. It is one thing to deface property, It is a totally different thing to ruin the sanctuary that is the morgue, or violate a corpse. and so Mr. N**K G****ENS of M***E R***E,BC, You just made an enemy. I called, but you were unavailable. I'll try later.
  8. shit, you clearly don't know who I am. YES, I AM, IN FACT, GAY. big fucking deal. by the way, sold the pants for 10 dollars profit. bought the new O.S. GEMEOS nike's with the cash.
  9. i just like to look nice at the bar or club, and honestly the keys look pretty bad because i have my door popper on there, and my keys, and the ring, its a monstrosity.
  10. damn man.. these are not DICK TIGHT pants, i do not need to do anything to put them on, and can slide them off without unbuttoning them. they are just closer to my leg than "baggy" carpenter pants or other shit like that. when i put big objects in the pockets, it looks all fucked up. that's all. I'll post a damn picture once i get a camera round here.
  11. whatever. is that bullshit character piece down in the yard still riding? that was some 1990 comedy.
  12. haha, NOWHERE near that tight.. its a full size bigger than my waist, i just want to keep my pockets looking smooth, that's all. and when i say "tight" i should have said fitting, i'm used to a full 2 or 3 sizes bigger than i really wear. i used to like them falling off my ass, now i like my ass.
  13. Giving Tree


    yeah, me too, the low top ones. god they are one of my favorite shoes ever. just got those white matrix af1's with the blue and aligator skin, and the easter forces, and trying to grab a pair of the nike o.s. gemos fc's because the twins are my favorite artists around right now.. god i love their stuff.
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