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  1. Man,this shit is simple fo me whenever I get cauight on some shit graffiti wise or gram carrying wise. My aunt is a cop so whenever i get caught ill just be like "damn,my aunts a cop too,shes gonna kill me" or osme shit like that. then theyll be like whos your aunt?then ill drop the name and theyre just like,ok get the fuck outta here.this only worked twice for me but fuck it right,anything to get off the hook :shook:
  2. black bitches always got the craziest hair lmao!hahaha
  3. YO CASHREFUND,thats tight as hell,hahaha i knew there were some juggalos on this bitch,I would have chiefed a doobie with him..your sister looks cute :haha: just playin..keep it rockin,SESSER.
  4. King NACE..HE will live in our hearts forever.RIP
  5. yo^^that drawing is fresh..looks kinda digital,,you draw it?
  6. icp aint no joke brother.You dont see me hating on the shit uyou listen to.Music is music,lets all come together
  7. Im sure there are some cats on this bitch that are..Hopefully this will bring them out hahaha!
  8. ^^^thats crazyrip pope,you down with the clown man?
  9. MONSTER BUMP FOR NORTH CAROLINA..FUP CREW UP IN THIS BITCH :king: :king: :hatred: :hatred: :king: :yuck:
  10. I wanna cop one of these bitches but I cant drop that kind of cash yet,ya know?
  11. :king: Yo whats up fellow graffiti writer.This is sess dollar of FUP crew(Fuckin Up Property)(Fuck U Pigs)(Flame Underground Productions) of the dirty Norff Carolina.This thread is to talk about to talk about the illest posse in the world.INSANE CLOWN POSSE HATCHET RYDAZ!Youre probably thinkin right now,"this toy is stupid!" but nah kids,I aint no toy,earlier today I hit up a freight and a couple bridges so I know my ish :chicken: I know theres some people out here thats down with the clown..so kick back,spill some faygo and type up a response..aLSO are there any other graffiti forums that gots some cool cats?Shouts to KWIZ ROCK,DERT ROCK,KEEN7,AND MY CLOSEST BOY NUMBA ONER.Keep it real peeps.If your gonna hate then dont reply,just wanna discuss this music.Payce. FAVORITE ICP SONG- THE NEDEN GAME :king: Twiztid needs to drop some new shit...oh yeah,fuck blaze ya dead homie,that niggas a punk. :yuck: :yuck: :hatred: :hatred: :clown2:
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