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  1. " if there is one thing that is certain in this world, anybody can be killed" i hope i quoted that correctly
  2. i'd be a deadly virus and kill off 2thirds of the planet's human population.
  3. Quoted post I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or not. America has never struck first, eh? I think the people of Kosovo, Sudan, Korea, Cuba, Vietnam and many other countries would disagree with you. Quoted post yeah.. i think i spoke too fast.. i would like to think that other countries talked to america first before america went in to fuck shit up. like the problem was already there sorta thing with iraq... that was outa nowhere and all lies to invade iraq have been proven to be what they are.. lies
  4. yeah... the people of hawaii know all too well about that
  5. video tape it and make money.. show the world that you fucked your cousin that sounded really bad.. its like this.. i want to make pornos with my wife.. like a side cash deal through the internet.. pay for our childrens college or something.
  6. with all the news... and there's a lot of it... there was a quik story on how "blacks" are leaving new york and it leaves room for " white PEOPLE" to move in... i thought that was the most racist shit i've seen in a long time.. be that it may be a fact that black people are movine out of new york. no reason so slide in that white people are movin in. and i love the way the news calls black people BLACKS and when they mention white people, they add in the PEOPLE i dont know.. it was a goodmornin trip to me.
  7. i bet he plays a lot of halo
  8. great.. that link just notified the secret service that im a potential terrorist thanks a lot
  9. just last week the news reported it... north korea has talked about bombing hawaii and california... why isnt that in the news?? we dont want to provoke them, i guess -----edit------- i meant to say, why is it not BIG news and also.. what would america think if it became big news... the middle east would look like a dream compared to a real nightmare
  10. because north korea has threatened the united states with a pre-emptive strike... you know like the one we did with iraq... which america has never done before UNTIL BUSH GOT INTO OFFICE north korea put a million troops on thier borders and has threatened the united states with threats to nuke hawaii and california. when bush said there is evil in there edit----------- if you look at how america got the philipines.. you'll see its the same way america got iraq
  11. who has my book? for the love of GOD
  12. if i ever get that book...............
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