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  1. AlwaysBombin

    losin someone isnt easy but....

    Pretty much...is the fact they're famous supposed to make it different then when John Smith down the street does it? You know what, if you're a person with absolutely no friends or family, and no responsibilites to anyone in life but yourself (not even a dog) then go ahead and kill yourself, more power to you. Otherwise, fuck you, selfish muthafucka
  2. He is...but this thread won't be ruined with his faggotry. WE WANT INCEST DAMNIT
  3. AlwaysBombin

    fuck....12 minutes ago..i found out

    I saw pretty much the whole Army Of The Pharoahs for 15 bucks last year...that was fuckin great
  4. AlwaysBombin

    Whatup WhodieLife

    We way too whodie for page 2 WHODIE WHOOOOOO
  5. AlwaysBombin

    AKA copies...

    Where can I cop one of those alife shirts with the krink drips? Stupid fresh
  6. AlwaysBombin

    Click here

  7. AlwaysBombin

    losin someone isnt easy but....

    This is the stupidest shit I've ever heard...as insensitive as I'm gunna sound, suicide is for pussies.
  8. AlwaysBombin


    Hasn't been a handsome couple of days...here's a bump hopin that shit gets at least slightly better
  9. AlwaysBombin


  10. It should be about time...porkchop where you at homie?
  11. AlwaysBombin


    :haha: Best thread change ever
  12. AlwaysBombin

    Watch out Mamerro...

    Haha yeah, RI water is always freezin
  13. AlwaysBombin

    my ducky lay!

    You're a fool for passing this up. Good find on the records
  14. AlwaysBombin

    children getting busted for child pornography

    I lost my virginity when I was 15 and the girl was 15. She was already quite experienced at this point anyways, we weren't doin anythin strange. Fuckin prosecutors are just douchebags I guess
  15. AlwaysBombin

    Ultimate Krump-nation Super thread

    Nah Ok I just did...and while slightly strange, still doesn't really explain it
  16. I was gunna bump this earlier but was too lazy to go a page or 2 back and find it...I think she'll be here tomorrow to answer
  17. AlwaysBombin


    I used to hate on Cassidy...got some serious mixtape shit though, kid's not bad
  18. AlwaysBombin

    Ask Dr. HAL

    As we've established I'm currently unemployed. I'm goin for my GED within the next week, and in a month I'm turnin 18. I've got only a phone and internet bill to pay, with a good amount of money saved up and a lil side hustle goin on. What I'm wonderin is if I should get a job after I get the GED and move out when I turn 18, or stay at my parents house for the summer, slack off, and travel some
  19. AlwaysBombin

    Ask Dr. HAL

    You're sticking your boner in her daughter. That's a hard thing to be stoked about. You might also try getting a job and cleaning yourself up. Moms tend not to like the burn out look. Quoted post [/b] I had a job..she got me fired from it haha. Thanks anyways
  20. AlwaysBombin

    channel zero heads: i wanna see your graffiti

    HAHA YOU SUCK! So on and so forth...only cuz you asked so nicely
  21. AlwaysBombin

    what would you do?

    Exactly. Sucks that you're kinda feelin her and she don't want you like that, but you got some ass so just drop it and find another one
  22. AlwaysBombin

    Major League Baseball

    FUCK OPENING DAY. I got no ass today cuz my girl's brother stayed home from class for this shit
  23. AlwaysBombin

    I want to see YOU.

    Insensitive bitch <!--QuoteBegin-mr.yuck@Apr 3 2006, 12:41 PM here is me trying to figure out what is so great about starbucks. and keeping an eye on terrorists. Quoted post I also once tried to figure out what was so good about Starbucks...then I realized there was nothing. My boy talked me into buying some 5 dollar shit which, while good, tasted just like a vanilla milkshake which I could have got much cheaper at McDonalds
  24. AlwaysBombin

    what would you do?

    Spoken like a man who gets mad ass...yuck knows
  25. AlwaysBombin

    Major League Baseball

    RedSox nation