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  1. a friend of mine had to do an essay for spanish class about Chile. The day before the project was due she started working on it. For some reason though she reserched China because "they sound the same" and brought in her essay about China. It was the funniest thing because she only realized that she had to do it on Chile when she handed it in.
  2. Happy birthday Deto!! It's Noum's B-day Today!
  3. Pfffffffffft and iquit my birthday is on the 11th...hmm all we need is someone whos born on the 10th and we'll have a birthday line up
  4. "shit what the fuck am i doing on 12oz i should be working...oh well they're still paying me...so they might as well pay me to be on 12oz...hmm"
  5. listening to Against Me's "Baby, Im an Anarchist" and talking to my bf who got suspended for lighting his sock on fire in science
  6. who were you with? Myself who's video was it and where were you? Downloaded it how old were you? 15 were you nervous? Not really...but afterwards when i couldnt get it off my desktop i got pretty nervous. was it meaningful? sorta? it was one of those infected files that you couldnt delete of your computer so after i watched it i had it on my desktop...i started panicking cuz i didnt want my sister or parents to see it so i IM Noum to help me get it off...instead of helping me he laughed pretty hard...and made KING MILE help me...that was actually how we star
  7. Well i broke my Clavical(collerbone) last week and now i have to wear a butterfly brace for 6 weeks...so its kinda ruining all my days, because i cant do much with it and whats worse is my birthday is on the 11th and i have to have that shit on for my bday...RRRRRRRR
  8. who was it with? My bf at the time...this guy that everyone wanted to go out with, Marcelo. where was it at? At the movies...we went to see Barbershop(his choice, not mine) how old were you? 14 were you nervous? Yeah, We bought this whole tub of popcorn and neither of us wanted to eat it because we didnt want popcorn breath...finally he leaned in(ruined the moment by asking if he could kiss me) and went for it... was it meaningful? No, not at all, it was one of those stupid one week middle school relationships. we broke up and didnt talk to each other eve
  9. you go this...those are awesome...check your mail:smiles:
  10. iceblocking...i've never heard of such a thing...looks fun though...where do they do it?
  11. 1. im not going out wit Noum 2. biting totem and totem inspired are two diffrent things 3. you and def dont really ruin anything for me..your just plain annoying now im going to sleep goodnight
  12. oh lets have a sychronized*sp* nipple tweaking moment...at exactly 11:50 well all tweak lol
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