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  1. Someone mailed you cool stuff? I'm jealous. I'm still waiting for 26SidedCube to mail me my mixtape. I need to make new e-friends... 5 things I always carry in my bag: -Keys -Sunglasses -Wallet -Small make-up bag... you never know where you're gonna end up. -Marker... you never know where you're gonna end up.
  2. I also suggest not to use products. You do not want sticky product all over your pillows while you're swooning the ladies. They are picky about what goes near their face.
  3. Nevermind. I won't stoop low to your little internet gossip, name droppin', toy level. Save your energy on someone that actually cares. When you finally want to start acting like an adult and stop trippin' over childish shit, find me. We'll smoke some weed and laugh about how stupid this whole thing is.
  4. *yawn* Sorry. I have other things to do then get heated over 27 year old toys that jumped on the late graff bandwagon. Time to go swimming. Have a nice day my little hip-hop princess. Love, Secret
  5. I got into a fight less than a month ago. The broad drove more than 30 minutes and paid to get into a club just to look for me.... I'm flattered.
  6. -Take a philosophy course. -Drinkin', tokin', and swimmin'. -Paint. -Maybe go to SF and New Jersey. -Get a job? Hmmm......... nah.
  7. Basically, "hipsters" are people with bad hair cuts who drink shitty beer and pretend it tastes good. They also like to bitch about how they started everything first and everyone copied them.
  8. There is no such things as "scenesters". They're just people with bad taste in style.
  9. Oh la la. Boys e-fighting over me. This is so e-exciting. I haven't had boys fight over me since I hung out by the monkey bars and drank chocolate milk in 6th grade. But there is no e-fighting necessary. I'm all about e-singing my ABC's... p.s. The imaginary girlfriend website has not emailed me yet. p.p.s. Let's please not turn my friend Heshy's thread about me. That's e-retarded and I don't need the e-attention. But thanks for the compliments, boys (insert e-wink here).
  10. I might head out tonight. We'll see. Friday- my best-friend and I are having a Mexican theme lunch. We're both on vacation, and we haven't seen each other in weeks, so we'll be getting hammered all day and night with the finest wine and shots of silver Patron. Yummmmmmmy. Saturday- Morning: Work out all the drinking with power yoga class. If it's warm enough I'll be swimming on my best-friend's rooftop. Night: Go out with my boys. Sunday- Not sure yet.
  11. Haha, you're cool. I like you already. Now we can be e-friends! Whatever happened to that damn 12oz book? I was number 24 or something.
  12. You don't want to know, or else you might get an e-boner. I'm going with the e-(insert word here) theme today.
  13. Come on, girl. You know me better than that! When I say I'm going to do something, that means it's a sealed deal. Even if it's really ridiculous. I will keep you guys updated... Now on the e-beef topic, dudes just can't match my wit (with the exception of seeking). People try to talk down to me, and I just tear them to shreds. Makes me feel e-good. edited: Congratulations on your e-beef victory, Heshy. Heres's an e-trophy from me to you <3: http://pic6.picturetrail.com:80/VOL170/1053089/2651673/56231884.jpg'>
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